Writing “New Year’s Taste” Lincang City calligraphers handwritten Spring Festival couplets to send blessings

Original title: Calligraphers in Lincang write Spring Festival couplets to send blessings

“No couplets can’t make spring, and couplets will be stronger.” A few days ago, the “2022 Chinese New Year’s Compulsory Writing Spring Festival Couplets” event was held in Xiaojie, Yunxian County, hosted by the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and the Municipal Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and undertaken by the Municipal Library and the Municipal Calligraphy Association. Township, Fengqing Confucian Temple kicked off. 22 calligraphers from Lincang City Calligraphers Association took to the streets to write Spring Festival couplets and the Chinese character “Fu” for the citizens, sending the strong New Year’s flavor and New Year’s blessings to people’s homes.

The scene of the event was full of Chinese red, and the fragrance of calligraphy and ink was full of spring. Calligraphers spread out Zhengdan paper, dipped in ink, swiped with brushes, or flowed water, or vigorously. “Mu Rong” … a pair of couplets implying festivity and auspiciousness, each with the red character “Fu”, attracting the citizens to applaud.

More citizens want “personal customization”. Luo Zhiyin, a villager in Luoxing Village, Fengshan Town, Fengqing County, thought of a couplet, “To get rid of poverty and achieve a prosperous country, and rural revitalization to build a well-off society in an all-round way” to express his blessings to the people of the motherland. Wang Qionghua and Liu Zuxian of the Dianhong Tea Museum hope to express their love for their hometown with a pair of “beautiful scenery can attract visitors from all over the world, and Dianhong can make friends from thousands of miles away”. Calligrapher Zhao Hancheng is naturally responsive.

In this activity, calligraphers wrote about 2,000 Spring Festival couplets. In addition to on-site gifts, volunteers and community workers will also send some of the couplets to the homes of the elderly and people with disabilities. The voluntary writing of Spring Festival couplets will continue to be carried out in Linxiang Henderson Plaza, Boshang and other places to continue to send New Year blessings to the people. (Wang Luhan and Yang Yun)



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