Wrong rules!! Kindergarten children can’t enter grade 1 because they teach themselves – they don’t want to study online.


Parents of kindergarten children in the Covid era bring their children to drop Choose to teach yourself at home But many schools do not allow entry to Grade 1 without a kindergarten degree. Child development guru revealed Kindergarten is not a compulsory education. young children study online The benefits are not equal to the disadvantages!

repeat! Kindergarten is not compulsory.

become another problem That makes parents who have children in kindergarten now troubling. when the facebook page “Drama-addict” Reveal a message received from a mother.

The mind states that I have a child in Elementary 1 and just dropped out of semester 2. The school said that If she wants to come back to school, she will have to re-enter Primary 1, which means her child will have to be a year late.

This mother asked a question Are there any private or government schools? that accepts students in Grade 1 because she thinks that a mother can teach her 3-year-old child at home Better than paying a lot of semester fees to study online. which the past semester Father and mother are all self-educated.

and when asked to many private schools got the answer You have to start studying Grade 1 again and if you want to enter Grade 1, you must have passed Grade 1-3 first.

“It means that my mother has to pay tens of thousands of tuition fees. So that the children can be named and promoted to grade 1, but the reality of the Covid era is that 3-5 year olds get almost nothing with online learning.

As soon as the post is published It brings many opinions from parents. Most viewed Kindergarten is not compulsory. However, one must also look at the conditions for admission to Grade 1 of each school.

For clarity of the story, the MGR Live news team spoke with “Kruka – Krongthong Boonprakong”child development specialist and the founder of Chittamet School (Primary Childhood) to help clear up doubts whether young children can enter grade 1 without having to go through kindergarten or not as well as opinions about online learning for kindergarten children in the age of COVID-19

The admission of children to Grade 1 does not say that they must have completed Grade 3 before, it is not compulsory. This criterion does not exist. School will use age. The admission of children to grade 1, which each school has different age limits. Like Satit, they will accept 5 and a half years old. General schools will accept 6-7 years old, so here it depends on different schools. It is not mandatory at all.

Primary children do not have a compulsory order of A. 1-3, because some are a 2-year kindergarten, come in at the age of 4, each is different. It is an independent management system for each school. It’s not a rule that it’s simple. The rule that must draw a line that children have to finish Grade 3 before going to Grade 1, this one doesn’t have, we just have to take the child as a stand.

[ ครูก้า-กรองทอง บุญประคอง ]
(Schools saying that if dropped had to go back to school in Grade 1 again), that was his school’s criteria. if we are not okay It may be possible to find a school that is suitable for our method. It must be viewed on a case by case basis.

If the child needs special assistance Maybe he should practice some skills. before facing the wider world in elementary school Like this, there are children who repeat. But it is an agreement between the school and the parents. Which one is best for children? and then choose a school that is ready to accept, where he is flexible in age.”

In addition, Kruka also added that Schools that accept grade 1 students are in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education. Admission of children is not permitted through a qualifying examination.

“No, it has already been announced that you won’t do it. In the past, there was a school that lived in that they wanted a child in the specification. Therefore, the exam was issued to obtain the desired children. But, incidentally, it’s actually not the principle of Primary. because of the exams that he has issued equal to making the child have to prepare in a way that non-primary children will learn It even destroys his brain, destroying the child’s potential.

In the new Act, Early Childhood Development that came out have stated that No competitive examinations or selection are allowed. Just that it hasn’t come out in the details yet. But the latest is probably last month. the Ministry of Education has issued an order that Admission of children by exam is not allowed, but OBEC School (Office of the Basic Education Commission) has suspended the admission by taking the entrance exam for children in Primary 1 for 2 years, so it is not necessary. But when people do not follow the news, they will think that they are still the same. I still take the children to study in order to prepare them for entering Primary 1.”

“The child is in front of the screen for too long. The benefits are not equal to the disadvantages.”

Another issue that parents pay attention to is the learning of kindergarten children. that need to be adjusted to study online According to the situation of the spread of COVID-19 Many homes choose to teach their children on their own. Like the original mother She reasoned that “3 to 5 year olds get almost nothing with online learning.”

on the side of child development specialists He commented on this issue that The resulting limitations forced children to inevitably switch to online learning. At the same time, each school has to adjust the teaching and learning accordingly. because of keeping children in front of the screen for too long The benefits are not equal to the disadvantages.

“Actually, if a primary school child Learning by touch is essential. will be more useful Children of other ages are the same. We can’t face to face with children. Teachers have to arrange online teaching. Each school has different principles.

In this situation, the best that general schools do is We will have to look at the child not in front of the screen for too long. will become a side effect The benefits are not equal to the disadvantages. Many schools are trying to innovate early childhood education with online learning. that produces little impact but benefits as much as possible It is an online learning that focuses more on teaching parents. Educate parents how to invite children how to play at home

Or maybe they look less but they do a lot. For example, meeting online for 15-20 minutes, but sparks the child to do something else at home. In 2-3 days I still feel in this story, etc. It can’t be said. It depends. with school management But in the end, everyone tries to help support the child’s development so that it doesn’t become a learning loss (knowledge deterioration).

child’s developer If the child is still at school It is something that the school must try to take care of as much as possible on this limit. How can the child’s development continue as far as possible?”

At the same time, the inability of children at this age to go to school as usual It may cut the opportunity. in the development of social learning which is a common problem facing all over the world

“Of course, it’s a worldwide problem. children want to touch play with real friends because playing is useful play together be flexible Opportunity to learn from friends with friends They play with toys together. Role-playing, talking, negotiating, negotiating, interacting, or seeing your friend’s way of thinking is interesting. I did some experiments. like this

Feeling social, having friends, this is important. which online can help a little But you have to look at what system you use online. If you say online by watching Youtube, it’s not because it’s a one-way communication.

A large number of schools also use Zoom meetings, where there can be interactions between children and children and teachers. but also need to design the process for example The teacher met the children in small groups. had the opportunity for the children to comment back back and forth questions exchange ask how you feel Everything is a supportive feature during the time when I can’t come to school.”

Finally, Kru Ka emphasized the importance of early childhood care. to focus on both physically and mentally because it is the most important age

“Primary principles are now announced as a ministry policy. 1. You have to take care of self, self-worth and feel good about yourself. 2. You have to take care of brain skills called EF (Executive Function) because it is the driver of his whole life. It’s not to take care of whether the child will be able to pass the grade 1 exam, that has no meaning to the future. about knowledge, memory is no longer usable and 3.4 development in 4 areas

All are called 3D foundations of all human beings. grow up until old age he will be strong Ready to see and yourself? Are you ready to take care of others as well? It’s at these three.

early childhood education For people who conduct education or people who are parents We are responsible for his valuable and meaningful growth time. because this is the golden age of human lifeHis life will continue in the future until old age. how will he be how much potential including how you view the world or have your habits both in psychology and in terms of neurology

When looking at the subject of the brain, they agree that early childhood is the most important. Therefore, we will be responsible for the time of growth that he is in this age. How to best manage the constraints so that children have a good foundation until they grow up.”

News by : MGR Live news team

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