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Started on December 4thBWFWorld Tour Finals(Bali, Indonesia) On the 4th day, various final tournaments and semi-finals were held. Here, we would like to introduce the comments of the Japanese players who have finished the match.

▼ Match result

December 3rd

Day 3 results (singles)

Day 3 results (doubles)

December 2
Day 2 results (singles)

Day 2 Results (Doubles)

December 1st
First day results (singles)

First day results (doubles)

The result of Indonesia Masters Here

The result of Indonesia OP is Here

XD: Yuta Watanabe (right) / Arisa Higashino

The semi-finals defeated Hong Kong’s Tang Chun Man / Tse Ying Suet 19-21, 21-9, 21-19.

――It was a tough match. How are you feeling now?

WatanabeIt was very tough, but I think it was the best that I was able to win now.

— What about losing the close battle of one game?

WatanabeI was lucky when I got there, so I couldn’t help it.

–How did you feel when you entered the second game?

HigashinoSince it was the one with the wings flying (the coat), I was conscious of making many offensive developments.

–Towards the final

HigashinoIt’s been a painful experience for the last three weeks, but I hope we can play well together in our own way.

[Player comment]

Day 4
Chiharu Shida & Nami Matsuyama

Third day
Chiharu Shida & Nami Matsuyama
Akane Yamaguchi

Yuta Watanabe / Arisa Higashino
Takuro Hoki / Yugo Kobayashi

first day
Chiharu Shida & Nami Matsuyama
Akane Yamaguchi

Takuro Hoki & Yugo Kobayashi
Yuta Watanabe & Arisa Higashino

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