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Original title: Wu Lei: After sending a person away, the scene passively got 3 points to show team cohesion

Shanghai Haigang defeated Henan Songshan Longmen 2-1 away, Wu Lei and Vargas came off the bench, completed a connection, and Vargas completed a supplementary shot, but it went out of bounds a little. Subsequently, due to Zhang Huachen’s red card from the Haigang team, the Haigang team fell into a passive situation with one less person, relying on the outstanding performance of Yan Junling to save 3 points.

Wu Lei was interviewed by reporters after the game. Regarding returning to the Chinese Super League after more than 1,400 days, Wu Lei said bluntly: “There is nothing special. It still feels the same as before, without any other changes.”

As for his condition, Wu Lei said that he has not reached the best yet. “I have not trained for a long time, and I have practiced with the team for two weeks. My body rhythm and the game are not in the best condition. I will adjust it slowly. As time goes by, my state continues to improve. I hope it gets better and better.”

Regarding the performance of the whole team, Wu Lei said: “It is very difficult to win the game, especially after sending a person off, the scene is relatively passive, but no matter what the process is, getting 3 points is the most important thing, the whole team is a very good Cohesion, it is very difficult to resist difficult situations.” (Pie Li)Return to Sohu, see more


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