Wu Zongxian’s “Playing Big” crashed and “safe helmets all shattered” thrilling 7-second video exposure

When Wu Zongxian was recording “A Big Variety Show” yesterday, he fell heavily on his bicycle and shocked the outside world. (Picture/Reverse IG)

“The King of Variety Show” Wu Zongxian recently recorded “Various Shows Big” in Pingtung, but yesterday (18th) he was shocked by a car crash, which caused multiple rubs and bruises on his body. Currently, the recording is temporarily stopped and he will return to Taipei first, and then follow up. Do further inspection. Because he was injured at work and there were many programs on hand, which aroused the attention of the outside world. After the news of the fall was exposed, Wu Zongxian released an aerial video of the crash at the time through the social platform. It can be seen that he was turning on a bridge. Suspected that the speed of the car was too fast, the person flew out with the whole bicycle, his body rolled down and rubbed the ground, and his helmet was completely shattered as a result. The picture was quite shocking.

Yesterday, Wu Zongxian posted a number of photos of his injuries on Facebook and IG. The photos showed that the shoes on his feet were worn out, and there were abrasions on his arms and legs. Brother Xian said with ease: It’s just a minor injury. The left hip is now swollen so that you can’t wear your pants… It’s the most serious place, and it’s also a place that can’t be seen by everyone…” He, who has been injured, probably didn’t want the outside world to worry about it. Great! Really play all! It’s refreshing.”

At the same time, Wu Zongxian also revealed that at the time of the incident, the production unit used an aerial camera to record the 7-second picture. It can be seen in the film that Wu Zongxian was riding a bicycle on the bridge, just after a turn was just a few seconds away. Even the whole person with the car was thrown out. It is obvious in the picture that he first fell heavily, and then grinds forward for a certain distance before stopping. It can be seen that although the trauma does not seem to be serious, the fall was It’s not light.

At the moment of the incident, Wu Zongxian first had a simple treatment and bandaging in Zuoying. Now he has returned to Taipei, he will go for a brain tomographic examination in the next few days to ensure that there is no major organ damage.


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