Wuttikorn Taban Thongpoon in Chang Muay Thai Kiatphet fight

Today’s “Suk Chang Muay Thai Kiatphet” weigh-in and torso look result, pair Ek Wuttikorn Namthankhiri meets Thongpoon Sitpunchoeng in the coordinates of 117 pounds at the World Siam Stadium Boxing Stadium. Tawanna started the first pair. Broadcast live at 4:00 pm PPTV HD34 channel, live shooting

“Suek Chang Muay Thai Kiatphet”, scheduled for Saturday, January 28, 2022, is organized by the promoter Chun Kiatphet, with the main pair being a meeting between Wuttikorn Namthankhiri (Dang) meets Thongpoon Sitpanchoeng. (Blue) in the coordinates of 117 lbs

weighing results

Pair 1. Coordinates 118 lbs

🔴 Ployrungphet Petchcharoen, weighing 118.2, decreasing.2
🔵 Super Cool Sor Rungsak Chang 117.4

Pair 2. Coordinates 124 lbs

🔴 Phet Anon, Dok Khao km. 11 weighs 126.2, reduces 2.2
🔵 Petch Buakhao Sitnayok Seree weighs 124.6, reduced by .6

Pair 3. Coordinates 113 lbs

🔴 Petchek Kiatjamrun weighs as much as the coordinates
🔵 Petch Nakhon, Pettawan Subdistrict, weighs as much as the coordinates

Pair 4. Coordinates 117 lbs

🔴 Wuttikorn Namthan Khiri, weighing 116.6
🔵 Tongpoon Sitpunchoeng scale



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