WV filters to 35th in the annual ALEC survey on economic competitiveness business

West Virginia slipped five places to the overall 35th in the 2019 edition of the US Council of Alternative Legislation (ALEC) economic competitiveness survey “Rich States, Poor States”.

The West Virginia report ranked 35th, down from 30 in 2018 and 31 in 2017.

While West Virginia ranked very low in the sales tax burden (15), and an income tax burden (16th), it ranked 46th for “remaining tax burden,” calculating the tax burden for all taxes other than personal income. , corporate number, property, sales and severance taxes.

ALEC 40 West West classified a category to downgrade the state as its income tax rates gradually increase based on total income.

It ranked the state 43 for “recent legislative tax changes” from 2017 and 2018, reflecting gas tax and DMV increases enacted in 2017 to fund the Road to Prosperity bond sales.

West Virginia ranked 45th for liability tort state legal systems, and 29 for state minimum wages. (The state study with minimum wage rates above the national minimum wage reduced by $ 7.25 / hour. West Virginia minimum wage is $ 8.75.)

It also ranked 39th public employees per 10,000 population (at 561.5).

In addition, West Virginia is ranked for 34th where they have no tax spending limits in state law. States requiring voters' referendums or serious majority legislative votes to raise taxes rated higher in the study.

The state ranked fourth in Workers' Compensation costs and was first tied into two categories: No state inheritance tax, and being a proper state of work.

The West Virginia study ranked 28 in total domestic migration, citing state population loss of more than 17,000 residents from 2008-2017.

“This is not just an academic report – it gives an insight into the significant inter-credible migration that takes place each year,” said ALEC's Chief Economist and Vice President, Jonathan Williams, in a statement. “Americans are continuing to vote with their feet across the states, and are voting strongly in favor of the state which has created a free market environment that helps economic growth and opportunities.” T

For 2019, Utah, Idaho, North Dakota, Nevada and Indiana are the best states of economic competitiveness in the survey.

The original states in the survey are: New Jersey, California, Illinois, Vermont and New York.

Meanwhile, ALEC was frequently engaged in a 2019 legislative session in West Virginia.

The Democratic Parties in both houses implemented legislative leadership in copying and affixing large parts of the ALEC model legislation, in particular the Seanad omnibus education bill, which adopted the ALEC education proposals, including the creation of chartered schools. and education savings accounts.

During a floor debate in the House of Delegates, the Delegate Shawn Fluharty, D-Ohio, argued that the education bill was the result of Seanad leaders going to the ALEC website and hitting “print.”

During this debate, supporters of the education package cited the ALEC study which ranked the state education system 47th, while three Schools in the seven categories used in the Chartered Schools category, West Virginia received a 0, Home School Control. and Private School Choice Programs.

ALEC, who founded the Koch brothers and underwritten with corporate funding, is best known for producing model state legislation aimed at cutting taxes and regulations, privatizing schools and prisons, and adopting voter recognition intensity laws, among projects. other, in accordance with the motto, "Government Limited, Free Markets, Federation."


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