WV MetroNews Neal Brown promises better for WVU fans after sorry performance

WV MetroNews Neal Brown promises better for WVU fans after sorry performance


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Neal Brown knows that it stunk.

That part is not new. This football team makes in West Virginia strike. It is stunk throughout the year, as anyone who has a meaningful sense of the game can see. But until Saturday, you could count on the Mountaineers to show some fighting about each stench that.

“You don't have to play football without working,” said senior defense man Reuben Jones, a graduate who gets it.

Many of his colleagues looked at a different page after a hard loss at Baylor 10 days ago.

Playing their first home game in almost a month, West Virginia rolled over and died before a crowd of 56,573 fans who blindly robbed them. The final score of 38-17 does not make justice about how bad the Mountaineers were.

Brown could not give a refund to those fans, but he gave a promise.

“I am delighted to be here. They were here for the Mantrip at 9:30 in the morning [the temperature] in the 20s and 30s. They were here through the first half, and in the second half a high percentage of them stayed. This does not notice.

“We're not playing well as a football team anymore. We have a lot of work to do in this program. But I tell your ya, this is likely to be one of the worst days. I'll tell you right now, we'll build a successful program here. It doesn't look good now.

“But because [the fans], and for them, we will have great success here. There are a number of growth pains. No one is more frustrated with anything going on the football field than yours. I can promise you that.

“But there is a high percentage of the guys we will be back not only for a year but three years. They will be greatly improved. We will train them better. And there will be a product on the pitch that matches our fans. ”

The Lord knows how long it will take with the Mountaineers who thrown in a five-game streab to shed the appearance that it is to be extended with the rest of the season. Perhaps the prayer like a quarterback Jarret Doege and running back Tony Mathis will play a role in the revival even if fans didn't read too much of their garbage-time connection with 5 seconds remaining.

Even if they got a score against Texas Tech's first challenges, these team's problems are too multi-faceted for one or two players to set.

“I say this: I want the quarter outbreak to be a problem,” Brown said. “Because this would be an easy fix.”

This arrangement is just an easy thing. It will take time. West Virginia fans were very sensitive to that until this point. Now they need something.

Brown mea culpa it was the beginning of that direction. The next game Mountaineers could not win this season. But if they lose even, the coach must ensure that they are respectful in doing so. Play is not a strong sales for fans or recruits.

Based on Brown's commitment, this is his foundation in Morgantown. And it must be. If it is not, the same fans who suggested it Saturday will surely inform it.

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