WVU Football Roller: Attrition and Addition - WVU

WVU Football Roller: Attrition and Addition - WVU

WVU Football Rolter: Attrition And Addition

West Virginia's football program has undergone many changes since the Mountaineers walked off the field after losing Camping World Bowl last December.

It is clear that all training staff have gone out of business, as Dana Holgorsen left Houston and all his assistant coaches went elsewhere. Neal Brown came in, who basically introduced a new team.

On top of the coaches and administrators, there is also a lot of turnover among players. Last year saw 14 seniors from West Virginia from last year's graduate, including several major figures such as Will Grier, Gary Jennings, David Sills and Yodny Cajuste. In addition, WVU had 23 subclasses, which had left eligibility, which left the program for a variety of reasons. Of the 23, scholarship student athletes were 12. On the other hand, Brown 39 sent a newcomer to his squad since January, including 26 scholarship scholars.

Here's a look at those people who have come and gone.

Gone from Roster 2018

There are 23 players who have left eligibility after the 2018 season but are no longer on the team. This does not include VanDarius Cowan, who is suspended and not available for the first four games, but is still on the roster. Of the 23, 12 were scholarship players and 11 were walking

Kenny Robinson (# 2) and Kts Derrek departed back

Scholarship events

Jordan Adams, a senior backup (class this year) would have switched to UMass. Do not give more than a special team in his career Mountaineer.

Tyrese Allen, a redshirt defensive defense line man who switched to Murray State. I haven't seen any action in its single season at West Virginia.

E.J. The current status, sophomore safety, left WVU, is not known about current status. There were so many outside factors for special teams.

Jacob Buccigrossi, a junior aggressive line who was forced to give up football for medical reasons after various injuries during his career.

Brendan Ferns, a junior reserve who had to compel football for medical reasons. Blue chip recruitment only received injuries during his career before he had to retire.

Matt Jones, a linear aggressive man who transferred to the State of Youngstown. WVU starter center in 2017 and 2018, but announced its decision to leave West Virginia leave last December.

David Long, a senior linebacker who violated the college's last season for the NFL and is currently with Tennessee Titans

Pitts Derrek, junior safety that transferred to Marshall. This is likely to have started this year, but he left the program in June.

Kenny Robinson, junior safety left WVU, the current status is not unknown. Starting with the Mountaineers as a fresh and sophomore man, and it would be a big part of defense this year if he stayed.

The current status of Skyler Simcox, the senior owner of WVU, is unknown. Not much was a factor in his only season at West Virginia.

Marcus Simms, a broadband receiver who left WVU. Last year he was a beginner to the Mountaineers and he would have been the main quiver to return this season, if he stayed. Now the injured backup list for Jacksonville Jaguars.

Dillon Spalding, a freshman redshirt receiver who planned to move to James Madison but who had to give it up for medical reasons. He was not playing in one season with the Mountaineers as he was dealing with a knee injury.

Walking Events

Connor Barwis defensive defense man, the end of Jesse Beal, the end of Matt Bejzak, Kwincy Hall's slot receiver, the safety of Chase Hill, sticker Luke Hogan, Kolby Mack's wide receiver, back-lieutenant Jaydon McGhee, goalkeeper Barry Moreland, defensive goal of Rashon Lusane and goal Brady Watson.

New to the 2019 Roster

There are 26 new scholarship scholarships who joined the West Virginia football program from the end of the 2018 season, and there are 13 other walks in their first year with the Mountaineers. Of the new entrants to the scholarship, four came from the junior colleges, seven are from four-year colleges and 15 are real. Twelve of the 13 are truly true family walks, and there's only Jackson Knipper's fullback sophomore, which moved to WVU after two years in West Michigan, entering a previous college experience.

Novel Scholarships

Four Year Transitions

Alonzo Addae, a fourth year junior reserve corner moved to WVU from New Hampshire this summer. Originally from Ontario, Canada, Addae will have to sit on the 2019 season and then one college eligibility season will be left after that.

Receiver around West Virginia, George Campbell
Receiver around West Virginia, George Campbell

George Campbell, a fifth-year receiver throughout the year, moved to WVU from Florida State this summer. The five star recruits from Clearwater, Florida, is a grade transfer which has left a college football season. A special team player is very good and he is addressing the rotation by a receiver, although his precise role is still clear.

Jarret Doege, a third third year junior, moved from Green Bowling to WVU this summer. While the NCAA ruled that Doege is eligible to play time immediately in 2019, Neal Brown has stated that the plan for the Lubbock, Texas, QB intends to re-launch it next season, giving it two years of the remaining college entitlement starting in 2020.

Josh Growden, a fifth year senior porter from LSU to WVU, moved last month. One degree graduation with the eligibility of one college, originally Australia, will probably transfer to West Virginia in 2019.

Reuben Jones, a senior defensive line man in fifth year who has moved from Michigan to WVU this summer is switching agro and is still one season of college eligibility. The desirability of Lakeland, Florida, in the mix to be part of a three-man rotation is this fall for the Manor at the end of defense.

Austin Kendall, a fourth quarter-year-old junior, was transferred to WVU from Oklahoma in January. Kendall recently left West Virginia's leading outing to the head coach, Neal Brown, of the grade transfer which has left the eligibility of two colleges.

Sean Ryan, a second year sophomore receiver who transferred to WVU from the Temple in May, is still awaiting an immediate decision from the NCAA on his appeal that he will be granted immediate eligibility. If he is allowed to see this game action, he is probably a nationwide receiver for the Mountaineers. If a waiver is refused, it has a resale option and so there would be three qualifying years remaining in 2020.

Junior College Transfers

Taijh Alston is the culmination of a third year sophomore defense which came to WVU in January after a year at Copiah-Lincoln Community College (Miss.). Alston, who first attended East Carolina, started quickly as part of West Virginia's final defense rotation during spring drills, and now the boot is at that position.

Noah Guzman, a sophomore second year safety, came on WVU this summer after a year at Cerritos College (Calif.). The native La Puente, California, is trying to make its way into deep safety at this season, but there is an inflammation available to it. Thus if he does not play in more than four games in 2019, he could return and three years of remaining eligibility in 2020.

John Hughes, a second year sophomore man, reached WVU in May after a year at Navarro College (Texas). The remaining Carrollton, Texas, has three years of eligibility and four years to use it, but this year's playback is extremely inadequate, as it is now pushing for an initial job.

Dreshun Miller's third-year junior reserve came to WVU in January after two seasons in East Arizona College. As a highly regarded recruit from the junior college stages, Miller was very important as part of WVU's back-up plans after he had achieved a strong spring exercise, but injuries in this fall greatly increased his rehearsal time; he has questioned where he stands on the depth chart.

True Fir

Jared Barlett, who wants to become a WVU bandit in the future. It is highly commended but is likely to happen again this season.

Donavan Beaver, an aggressive man. He is the most garda in the season. Will resale this year.

Fortune Nicktory. He has quickly found himself on the deep chart. Brown has also said, Roswell, Georgia, that he is pushing to start a leading job, and although this could be difficult to achieve immediately this season, it is sure to see game action.

Jordan Jefferson, a nose combat. Darius Stills will begin the situation to fight the nose, but Jefferson is pushing a senior Brenon Thrift for the backup job. WVU's coach WKU Jordan wants Lesley to fight with three nose, so even if Jefferson is a third string, it seems that action would be seen this year.

Ali Jennings, wide receiver. They have good size and ability but are likely to be relaunched.

Kerry Martin, safety. He is registered at WVU in January, and has greatly assisted his career in college and hopes to fall on both special teams and backup safety.

Tony Mathis, running back. A commitment to fall, but in a crowded backdrop to four former soldiers, has shown that Mathis is likely to be in charge of this year's re-launch. Its time will start in 2020 following the graduation of current seniors Kennedy McKoy and Martell Pettaway.

Mayo, back road. Brown has said Fortune is a little longer than Mayo at the back, but they are likely to be both this year.

Kolton McGhee. Before Josh Growden, McGhee appeared to be WVU's portfolio this season. But now probably McGhee will be resale.

Parker Moorer, abusive linear man. Playing mainly guard, Moorer drew good reviews from the WVU attack line coach, Matt Moore, but Charlotte's youth will certainly want to play.

West Virginia Donavan Beaver (65) and Nick Malone (58)
Donavan Beaver (65), West Virginia aggressive men and Nick Malone (58) are in charge of the practice area.

Tykee Smith, safety. The camp fell at the spear but you moved back to the free safety site midway through the season. Now he has presented himself where he is fighting for a backup job and is likely to be playing next season.

Jalen Thornton, defensive line. Mountaineer coaches of this youth would be redirected from Cincinnati, allowing him to get bigger and stronger than his current 6-foot-2 pound, 260 pounds, but the coach has said Jordan Lesley defensive line that will he playing. The question at this point is whether he or she plays in more than four games, which would prevent him from holding his relaunch.

Tacorey Turner, back road. Fortune and Mayo seem to be slightly higher in the pecking order at the site than the person working in the class. The coaches are like Turner's resource but hope to redirect it.

Winston Wright, slot receiver. The Pooler, Georgia, is originally caught in eye-catching capacity. The hope is that it would be resold, but it seems that the coins are now flip.

Brandon Yates, offensive address. Your native Las Vegas had to finish academic work this summer, so he couldn't find WVU until a fall camp began in early August. He left a few months behind his classmates, but the 6-foot-4, 285-pounder quickly showed that he wasn't too long. Primarily engaging with it, Yates are likely to be reconstituted, although such harmful rash may change.

Novel walks

Punter Leighton Bechdel, safety Michael Boaitey, defensive lineman Roemeo Bowen, receiver Freddie Brown, linear man Tyler Connolly, punter Matt Daniel, end defensive Rhett Heston, linebacker Drew Joseph, Jackson Knipper backup, Graeson Malashevich slot, man-aggressive Nick Malone, Naim Muhammed corner and safety Jayvon Thrift.

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