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WVU Highlights The first step in & # 39; fix it & # 39;

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – So much Night Night.

Esa Ahmad was the only senior leader on this program Bob Huggins this season and has now gone out of the team, as well as Wesley Harris junior for "rules overlapping the athletic department".

And so the colleges that were born with high hopes grew up in the field of basketball career.

Ahmad and Harris definitely pulled themselves and the shame that they seemed to have made all the staff down.

West Virginia's chief coach Bob Huggins signs play, but the practice may well be traffic

No-one is saying what is what the athlete department has forced to eliminate their relationship with both players but sources have verified that it was not academic or nothing like tackling or in trouble with him the law.

Read so what you will do.

But think about the "Me, Too" movement that has been the focus of sexual harassment in the business, entertainment and athletes industry and also how a "Meat First" movement is in a growing athletics, when the individual came Her mind is more important than the team.

The identity is shown throughout the country, from coaches jumping from one post to the next before the NCAA sheriff or feeling angry have become players who now transfer but to benefit from themselves without Pay attention to the coach who gave them or their colleagues or school colleagues or fans an opportunity.

This attitude began with a free agency in professional sports, resulting in awful wages and computer makers that emerged and the players would have more rates on who was training the team or the general manager.

During the college game, as well as the professional game, Svengalis attracts the strings on players, trying to make their own profit, no matter what its impact on others.

When a person looks at what happened here in West Virginia, with Sagate Konate listening to his family to doctors and coaches clearly, and players like Ahmad and Harris are going out in many of them, 39; there were suspensions and machines, it seems definitely a contribution factor at least to the inconsistency they injured the team.

They were supposed to be the first three leading court players starting in the season, the main strength of the team that was supposed to put it into the post season.

But the season has just been dissolved like a cardboard card that is caught in the upper winds and every Bob Huggins coach can expect.

"We will settle it," he said Tuesday. "Maybe not this year, but we'll settle it."

Suddenly Lamont West has the key to fixing it, now the veteran in front of him.

"We need to have Lamont West back to the Marquess we've seen all of each other," Huggins admits.

It also opens the playing time for other players.

"It allows us to try two play," said Huggins. "We're likely to do next year."

Derek Culver and American McDonald's author of Oscar Tshiewbe, and perhaps Konate, decided to find his injured generation injured this season to their NBA's ability to the point that he wants another year of college basketball

"It gives you a kid like Emmitt Matthews," Huggins also noted, talking to a new person who did not play enough time but who will do the rest of the way.

Add Trey Doomes with that picture, and Huggins will get a better picture of what's going on next season next to the remaining things.

New players will be on the spot and Beetle Bolden, we hope to be healthy, will return this year – and the next time – while WVU will help to help the guard through Cincinnati recruiting Miles McBride and some college signatures junior.

There is a capacity to rebuild quickly, especially if Konate and Bolden come back healthy, West West manages his shooting and such players, Jordan McCabe, Brandon Knapper, Matthews, Doomes and Jermaine Haley are mature.

It's a great deal to just get rid of the two players and eliminate a dose of some sunny preventive medication on the gloomy picture that was painted in Morgantown during the last season.

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