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WVU Series ends with Texas Series with Texas Tech

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – There was a win at four games team monster University of West Virginia with a 3-0 loss to No. 11 Texas Tech Sunday afternoon in Monongalia Ball Park.

The Mountaineers (22-13, 6-6) were placed for the third time this season and were held to two hits as the 11th Radio Red (23-11, 6-6) avoided the horror of the final series. . TTU, who had his hits, managed to run two in the fifth and put it into the eighth.

In the three-game series, WVU held a top-scoring proportion of the 12 large six to six full series and average batting .196. With a 2-0 Friday night victory and a 4-3 walking victory on Saturday, West Virginia won the third consecutive weekend series, each of the top 25 teams, and won eight of the final 10 games.

Darius Hill
Former West Virginia executive Darus Hill receives a flight ball on the warning road

“We have to be happy with the series to win against this team, one of the best future teams,” WVU coach Randy Mazey said. “We thought we played very well. We decided very well and played a good defense. We met when we were, except tonight, and it was a little harder today.

Caleb Kilian, a true Texas Texas junior beginner, did a great job, he did a really complete game with a single park. It was a very good park and it was very enjoyable. So if you want to learn how to park today, that man was a watch. Day as it was today, and the rain delayed, everyone was watching Tiger (Woods) who put the last time on hole 18, that time was perfect, we didn't start until the Masters were around. The team who wore the biggest strikes today were to win as, with the wind blowing in, it would have been a very aggressive day and we didn't spend as many strikes as they did. ”

Kilian WVU held a single pair of two, seven and third. He hit nine and he didn't walk batter in the whole game box.

Kade Strowd, a person who was right to junior, suffered the loss for West Virginia. He allowed two on three hits with strike sessions and seven walks. Six servers continued and assembled so that one person can run in three hits in the last 5.0 entries.

The first hit of the game came first in West Virginia in the first place. That came after Strowd swam the tires that were loaded at the top of the first.

Strowd with two others in the second, with back strikes to the back to eliminate the inning. He met two others in the third to leave one after walking twice.

Tyler Doanes' second baseman named Sophomore in third place with two people, and the two teams retired in fourth place.

The Red Raiders took command of 2-0 in the fifth, as double RBI rear walks to the back. Another walk loaded the coins, and relieved Ryan Bergert, a new man who is right. The second run was sacrificed by a flight before Bergert found a foundation and strike to end the invention and leave the loaded tires.

Bergert continued to retire in the sixth and seventh sessions. Texas Tech started the eighth to make it 3-0 on a one-time RBI of Zach Reid on the left, which gave two to two. Sophomore got the right-hander Tristen Hudson strike to eliminate the inning and to the thread to it.

In the ninth, Brock Helverson and Madison Jeffrey, in charge of discovery, were unable to run. Jeffrey finished the t-inning with a strike to strand the tires loaded.

West Virginia travels to Penn State near for 6:30 pm. game on Wednesday, 17 April before returning home on a weekend series through a match against Kansas opponent. The Nittany Lenses are 17-15 on the season, but only 1-10 in the Big Ten after Nebraska have been swept at this weekend.

Notes: West Virginia falls to 22-13 on the season, 6-6 in Big 12 play and 11-2 at home… WVU won eight of his last 10 games, and won four games. the Mountaineers 7-5 against the top 25 teams and 12-9 against the NCAA Tournament 2018 team… West Virginia won three consecutive weekend series. season and kept on two hits.

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