[WWDC23] iOS 17, watchOS 10, macOS Sonoma appear… The key is ‘user experience’

Every year Apple announces a new operating system to be announced in the fall at its Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC23). The operating systems that Apple announces through WWDC include iOS and iPadOS for Apple iPhone, macOS for Macintosh, and watchOS for Apple Watch. However, this year, with the release of a large number of new hardware that will attract the interest of users, such as the Apple Vision Pro, M2 Ultra-based Mac Pro, and MacBook Air 15, interest in the operating system is relatively low.

However, it is worth noting that the next operating system provides new features and uses for existing Apple hardware. Let’s explain the major changes to the operating system announced through this year’s WWDC.

iOS 17 seems to be taking a break without major changes

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Big changes in iOS 17 include Calls and Messages, Personalization, and more. Source = Apple Korea

Apple’s iPhone operating system has been upgraded to iOS 17, and there are major changes in phone and message functions, strengthening the airdrop function, wireless sharing function, more convenient text input and a ‘backup’ function that provides information when charging charges are added anew. . Apple’s iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X, released in 2017, are not eligible for this update. In the phone feature, users can customize the appearance they see when calling someone. If you decorate your profile with iPhone-supported Memoji, the decorated poster will appear on the recipient’s smartphone. In addition, if a voice message is coming, the text is converted in real time and can be confirmed, and a call classified as spam by the mobile carrier is immediately rejected without a voice message. In addition, Face Time, a video call function, is added with the ability to leave voice and video messages so that users can check them separately later.

Messages can also be separated from photos to make stickers and send them, and a ‘check-in’ function is added to inform family and friends that they have reached their destination safely. During a registration session, if movement stops before reaching the destination, the device location, remaining capacity, and call status are shared with designated contacts.

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A new name drop function has been added to exchange personal information using the air drop function. Source = Apple Korea

Airdrop, a wireless sharing function between Apple devices, has added a new sharing method called namerop. Airdrop is a function to send and receive photos and data by selecting the other person’s device from the screen list. Contacts and personal information can be shared as a ‘name drop’ by putting iPhones or Apple Watches together. In addition, when a device with iOS 17 installed is placed horizontally and charged, a new standby function is added to display a clock, a desired picture, or a widget suitable for the appropriate position on the screen reserve. For devices supported by Mac Safe, when charging vertically, the user’s preferred shape is remembered and recalled immediately.

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A summary of the main additional features of iOS17. Source = Apple Korea

Unfortunately, the phone and call functions, which are the core of iOS17, are not very useful in Korea. Domestic users rarely use the voice message function, and there is a possibility that the poster function will not be applied to other companies’ smartphones. In addition, there is no mention of the problem of making a call with only one touch in the call list, which many users consider a fatal flaw. Therefore, even if iOS 17 is updated, it is considered that there will be no tangible changes except for airdrop, backup, password and password sharing, and writing in a diary.

iPadOS 17 is similar to iOS 17, but with many changes to feel

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The additional features of iPadOS 17 are similar to those of iOS 17. Notable updates include improvements to the use of PDF. Source = Apple Korea

iPadOS gets similar updates to iOS every now and then, but this time there’s a notable change. First of all, as of iOS 16, iPad supports custom lock screens. If you designate a lock screen as a live photo, you can create a slow motion effect or set multiple photos to repeat continuously. In addition, you can choose various fonts or colors to change the date or time display to the desired combination, and through the real-time status function, you can immediately see the situation such as sports games, weather, and order food delivery on the lock screen PDF usability has also been improved. The Notes app provides ways to read and organize PDFs, annotate documents, and more. You can sketch directly on PDF documents with the Apple Pencil and collaborate in real time. In addition, a signature function is added that uses machine learning to recognize PDFs and quickly fill in details such as name, address and email in the document.

In addition, the Messages and FaceTime functions are updated as in iOS 17, and the Health app is optimized for the iPad display. In addition, in the stage manager used as a secondary display of macOS, window arrangement and resizing functions become flexible, and the camera of the external display is also recognized.

macOS Sonoma focuses on improving the user experience

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A summary of the main features of macOS Sonoma. Source = Apple Korea

Mac OS not only enhances the user experience such as widgets and wallpapers, but also greatly strengthens game functions. Users can install and use widgets directly on the main screen, and they can also access iPhone widgets using the continuation function. For example, you can check notifications on your iPhone or play or pause media on your Macintosh. Although small, the use of the screensaver has been improved as the login screen has been relocated to the bottom. Among the features of the Safari browser, private browsing has been significantly upgraded, protecting it from tracking that can access the device while in use. Additionally, users can use the profile function to access web pages by topic, and manage cookies, browsing history, extensions, tab groups, and favorites by profile. This can be used to manage work and personal accounts separately.

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macOS will support more games based on Apple Silicon’s Metal 3 API. Source = Apple Korea

Perhaps the feature that gets the most attention in the new macOS is its gaming capabilities. MacOS traditionally has few supported games, but based on Apple Silicon GPU performance, it greatly expands the supported games. Games such as Death Stranding, Resident Evil Village: Winter’s Expansion, World of Warcraft: Dragon Flight, Humankind, and No Man’s Sky will support macOS through the Metal 3 API (application programming interface) already supported by Apple Silicon and helps to port games from other platforms to macOS using the ‘Game Porting Toolkit’.

In addition, a ‘game mode’ is added to ensure a consistent frame rate by assigning priority to the CPU and GPU during games. We’ll have to wait a few more years to see how effective MacOS gaming support is, but it’s a huge step up from the days of Intel Macs.

watchOS 10 brings new face and health features

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In watchOS 10, the face and widget functions are greatly strengthened. Source = Apple Korea

watchOS 10 for the Apple Watch includes redesigned apps, a Smart Stack that shows widgets according to needs, and new watch features. Among the apps on the Apple Watch, major apps such as weather, stocks, home, maps and messages use the display more to improve visibility, and widgets provide information tailored to the user’s situation. For example, in the morning, the weather app shows the weather forecast, and when travelling, the wallet app displays the boarding pass. Additionally, if a task or notification is scheduled, the information is displayed with the highest priority. You can also access the Control Center with the side button, and press the Digital Crown twice to return to the recently used app. In addition, the bike’s Bluetooth sensor can be paired with the Apple Watch while in mode cycling, and the Medicines app can be accessed through the 30 A follow-up notification is sent if the dose is not recorded after 15 minutes. You can also play FaceTime video messages right on your Apple Watch, and you can activate AirDrop by hovering your Apple Watch over someone else’s iPhone.

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