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The Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises and Startups will hold the ‘Korea-US STARTUP SUMMIT’ at Pier 17, New York, USA on September 20 and 21 (local time) with the Korea Venture Business Agency and Korea Venture Investment.

The ‘Korea-US Startup Summit’ is one of the ‘K-Startup Global Advancement Strategies’ announced by the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises and Startups on the 8th, and is a task for ‘establishing a network global and the expansion of foreign bases’.

Starting with this ‘Korea-US Startup Summit’, the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises and Startups plans to push forward with support for the global expansion of K-Startup.

This ‘Korea-US Startup Summit’ was held in New York (Silicon Alley), where the startup ecosystem and IT industry developed, providing various networking opportunities between local global companies, investors, and startups in the US and large companies and start-ups in Korea. It means a lot.

Through this, it can be expected that the members of the start-up ecosystems of the two countries will be connected to each other and grow together, and that K-Startup will advance to the world. More than 200 people, including major Korean-American companies, American venture capital (VC) and accelerators (AC), and Korean-American startups, are expected to participate in this event.

At the event site, a joint exhibition hall of three major companies Google, Hyundai Motor, and Naver Cloud and 15 startups will be organized, and a total of 10 programs including the main event will be implemented over two days.

Through the joint startup conglomerate pavilion, outstanding technologies and items from startups will be introduced to the American startup ecosystem, and successful cooperation models between global conglomerates and startups will be presented.

The ‘Korea-US Startup Summit’ program consists of three main parts.

In the first program with global conglomerates, cooperation models between Korean and American conglomerates (Google, AWS, Hyundai Motor Company, Naver Cloud) and Korean startups will be presented, and items from participating Korean startups will be published.

On the 21st, Minister Lee Young, Google Vice Chairman Karan Batia, Oracle Senior Vice President Dave Rosenberg, Naver Cloud CEO Park Won-ki, Hyundai Motor Company Managing Director Young-woon Gong, etc. will hold a discussion under the theme ‘core technologies and new businesses in the digital age’. A joint fostering ceremony is also organized to promise that global companies and Korean startups will work together.

Secondly, a program will be held to attract investment from new businesses.

On the 21st, 10 Korean startup companies will hold an investment attraction IR for US VCs, and in the afternoon of the same day, a joint fund formation agreement between a Korean fund and an American venture capital is also planned.

The third is a networking program between the Korean-US startup ecosystem, and a ‘Korea-US startup best case presentation’ will be held on the morning of the 21st.

Kuk-seong Ma, CEO of IGAWorks, which has grown into a Korean unicorn, Seung-jae Lee, CEO of Bucket Place, and Gavin Kenneally, co-founder of American startup Gostrobotics, will share their success strategies and experiences.

In the ‘Startup Demo Day Part 1’ held on the 20th, 10 startup companies from Korea and the United States with similar items announce their respective items and look for ways to cooperate.

At the ‘Startup Demo Day Part 2’ held on the 21st, 14 startups participating in the New York program of the ‘K-Startup Center’ are participating in the US accelerator ‘Mind The Bridge’ and officials of the US startup ecosystem. ■ Offer the company’s performance and technology i

In addition, for startups participating in the event, the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and Industry presents the Silicon Alley startup ecosystem (in the morning of the 20th), the Korean Startup Promotion Institute and presents the Korean startup ecosystem and policies in . (afternoon of the 20th) US VC and AC investment consultations and interviews with US startup media and YouTubers will also be provided.

Minister Lee Young said, “This event is a full attempt for the government and new businesses to move forward into the world together based on the public’s confidence in the government. It will be an opportunity to work closely together for this purpose.” In addition, he said, “I expect it will be of practical help in networking, corporate promotion, and investment attraction through IR, biz matching, and booth exhibition of Korean startups participating in the event.”

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  • Seoul Innovation Center, Kookmin Card-Lotte CJ-KB Central Research Center and Open Innovation Talk Show
  • Blue Point partners to hold ‘Deep Impact’ offline demo day for the first time in 3 years
  • Job Planet to host a webinar for HR managers on the 21st
  • SparkLabs ’10th Anniversary’, Offline Demo Day held in 3 years
  • Digital Bonanza, ‘Digital Transformation Outlook’ Seminar (September 23)
  • Challengers – Ministry of Public Administration and Safety, ‘Earthquake Safety Action Tips Challenge’
  • Naver completes AI project challenge ‘CLOVA AI RUSH 2022’
  • KOICA Innoport successfully completed the demonstration day of ‘INNO-Lab A’, a support program to advance to developing countries
  • Custom cake ordering ‘Key Eake’ wins 3rd ‘Show Me the Biz’
  • Recruiting teams participating in Blue Point Partners startup, Daejeon Team Building Idea (~ September 13)

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