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Xbox Game Pass Taiwanese gamers have released “DQB2” as the longest game in May

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Taiwan’s Microsoft Xbox released a press release today (4), revealing the gaming performance of Terrace Bay players on Xbox Game Pass in May. “Dragon Quest: Little Player 2: Destruction God Sid and the Empty Island (Dragon Quest Builders 2)” has just joined the Xbox Game Pass in May, and it is directly ranked as the longest game time of the console (Top Games by Engagement Hours) Top of the list.

  • Taiwan’s Microsoft said that as a game suitable for children, this game is a good companion for parents and children at home during the epidemic.

In response to the NBA season entering the playoffs and the continued fermentation of MLB events, “NBA 2K21” and “MLB The Show 21” occupy the 2nd and 5th places in the host’s longest playtime rankings respectively; In addition, in the most popular game of the month (Top Games by Active Subscribers), you can see that “RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard” is affected by “Resident Evil Village 8: Village (Resident Evil Village)” The impact of listing has climbed 18 places in one fell swoop to 11th. Through the Xbox Game Pass game subscription service, not only old players can recollect the horror experience of the 7th generation, but new players can also experience “Evil Castle 7: Resident Evil” Ethan’s first encounter with the Baker family for free.

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    Xbox Game Pass May Taiwan player console performance rankings

Compared with the performance of the console, the most popular games among PC players are “Century Empire 2: Decisive Edition” and “Minecraft: Dungeon”, both occupy the top 5 positions of the two rankings; The outstanding performance of “Evil Dragon Creation: Little Player 2” is not only shown on the console. Since the game was launched on Xbox Game Pass in May, it has also been airborne for the longest playing hours on PC and the double top champion of the most popular game of the month. It’s worth mentioning that the single-player open-world shark-playing game (ShaRkPG) “Cannibal Shark” was officially added to Xbox Game Pass in May, and it became the hottest game of the month, showing that Taiwanese players continue to explore various games through Xbox Game Pass. Various game content.

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    Xbox Game Pass May Taiwan Player PC Performance Ranking

The Taiwan limited Xbox Series X “Crimson Knot” bundle set will be launched

Taiwan’s Microsoft Xbox also announced today that in celebration of Taiwan’s Bandai Namco Entertainment’s new original action RPG “Crimson Knot” will be launched on June 24th this year on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One (supports smart distribution) It is officially on sale on June 18, with a special limited release of “Xbox Series X “Crimson Knot” Limited Bundle Set”, and will be available for pre-order on all major channels from June 18th.

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    Microsoft Xbox Launches Taiwan Limited Xbox Series X “Crimson Knot” Bundle Set

Xbox Series X “Crimson Knot” limited bundle set includes the following content: Xbox Series X console and wireless controller, Xbox version “Crimson Knot” Traditional Chinese software, special “Crimson Knot” Xbox Series X console sticker Models, special “Crimson Knot” tie-back backpack, and “Crimson Knot” in-game download code-additional accessory “Rotating Visual Image” 10 sets: this is available in the game, additional accessory “Nian “(Knot model), “fire”, “solid”, “instant”, “eye”, “elimination”, “recovery”, “electricity”, “speed”, “mind” (heavy model).

Announce a new game lineup at E3 with Bethesda

In the E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo, which has returned to the online format after a year, Microsoft Xbox and Bethesda will jointly announce a new game lineup through the “Xbox & Bethesda Showcase” on June 14th, Taiwan time. The event will focus on exhibits from Xbox Game Studios, Bethesda And many games from game creators owned by partners all over the world. Players will have the opportunity to learn about the epic game lineup brought about by the cooperation between Xbox and Bethesda, the Xbox masterpieces that will be released this year, and the upcoming Xbox Game Pass new works. The event time is at 01:00 on June 14th, Taipei time (10:00 am on June 13th, US West Coast time). Fans can watch it through the official Xbox Twitch, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook channels.


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