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Xbox series S, purchase reports one after another due to urgent arrival … Why you should buy Xbox now | Second edition SUNDAY

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image: Second Edition SUNDAY

On February 22, 2002, Microsoft’s game machine “Xbox” was launched in Japan with noise. After that, it continued to evolve into “Xbox 360”, “Xbox One”, and “Xbox series X / S”, but in Japan, the image of “minor hardware” could not be dispelled and it continues to the present. However, the purchase report of the latest Xbox hardware “Xbox series S” has come to the fore.

The “Xbox series X / S” has been out of stock for almost a year, but …

The “Xbox series X / S” was released on November 10, 2020, but it has been in serious shortage until now. Similarly, the “PlayStation 5”, which is about to be released for a year, is also in short supply, but the PS5 may have been easier to obtain than the “Xbox series X / S” due to the large number of stores that handle it.

Meanwhile, the number of purchase reports of “Xbox series S” is increasing rapidly, and there are voices saying that it is sold in large quantities especially at “GEO”.

In addition, Sofmap in Akihabara also tweeted that there was an urgent arrival of “Xbox series S”. However, it seems that “Xbox series X” has not arrived.

Main differences between “Xbox series X” and “Xbox series S”

“Xbox series X” Price 54,958 yen (black) Resolution up to 8K
・ With optical disk RAM 16GB Internal storage 1TB

“Xbox series S” Price 32,978 yen (white) Resolution up to 4K (upscale)
・ No optical disk RAM 10GB Internal storage 500GB

* There are some differences in other CPUs, etc.

Why you should buy “Xbox series X / S”

Since its introduction in 2002, the Xbox has received a certain amount of praise from the “pure game lovers” including the author. However, due to the biased media coverage and image strategy, we have been tasting bittern for a long time. There is a reason to buy the latest hardware for such an “Xbox”, that is …

Existence of “Xbox Game Pass”

An “Xbox Game Pass” is simply a game subscription. For a small annual fee (monthly fee), you can play 100 or more games (actually 300 or more) announced by the manufacturer without binding.

image: Second Edition SUNDAY

There are three types of “Game Pass”, “ULTIMATE”, “PC”, and “CONSOLE”, but the charges and services are as follows.

“ULTIMATE” (1,100 yen per month): All-you-can-play Xbox and PC games, including GOLD (* 1) members and “EA Play (* 2)”
“PC” (850 yen per month) ・ ・ ・ All-you-can-play PC games
“CONSOLE” (850 yen per month) ・ ・ ・ All-you-can-play Xbox games

Personally, I recommend you to join the overwhelmingly advantageous “ULTIMATE”!

* 1: Xbox Live Gold: Online game competitions, game discounts, and several games are offered free of charge every month. A service similar to “PS Plus” on the PlayStation.
* 2: EA Play: A game subscription unique to Electronic Arts, the world’s largest game maker. There are also many big titles such as the FIFA series, the most played soccer game in the world.

What games can I play with the “Xbox Game Pass”?

Buy “Xbox series X / S” and join “Xbox Game Pass” congratulations … What kind of games can you play? Dragon Quest 11S, the latest game from Dragon Quest, is also included in the subscription! You can still listen to the sound of “Koichi Sugiyama” who passed away recently with high sound quality.

image: Second Edition SUNDAY

You can also enjoy “Ryu ga Gotoku,” which is a masterpiece of “Mr. Toshihiro Nagoshi,” who recently announced that he will leave Sega, throughout the series. It is amazing that you can enjoy the highly rated “0” and the latest “7”!

image: Second Edition SUNDAY

“SCARLET NEXUS”, which was just released in June, can also be played with “Xbox Game Pass” at no additional charge! I haven’t had time to play, so I haven’t played it yet, but it seems to be highly evaluated, so I’ll enjoy it slowly from now on.

image: Second Edition SUNDAY

In addition, you can play domestic games such as “Dragon Quest Builders 2” and “Octopath Traveler” and “Katamari Angkor” which became popular on Nintendo Switch. The Xbox has a strong image of “Western game”, but it also covers so-called “Japanese game”.

I’m sure some of you may have purchased the “Xbox series X / S” because you couldn’t get the “PlayStation 5”, but I expect it to be a “historical game console” that you won’t lose. increase. The “series X” is still out of stock, but it seems that the “series S”, which is positioned as a low-priced version, is becoming easier to obtain, so why not consider purchasing it?

While having overwhelming ability, Xbox has been sluggish in Japan for a long time. As far as the reaction from SNS etc. is seen, it seems that game fans have finally come to recognize it and pick it up. I will continue to support “Xbox”!

source: Xbox official site

Image publisher: SS. Naoki


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