XBOX Series X console is too out of stock, even the “Halo Infinite” game needs to use a development animation-e-sports games

Under the global shortage of chips and components, all major technology giants are deeply affected. For example, Microsoft recently held the “Halo Championship Series tournamen” (Halo Championship Series tournamen) a few days ago. In the end, because XBOX Series X was too out of stock, a batch of Series X development machines had to be dispatched.

  • Microsoft recently held the “Last Battle: Infinite” championship series
  • However, the organizers were unable to gather enough hosts to host the event
  • Finally, a batch of XBOX Series X development machines will be dispatched

Tahir Hasandjekic, head of e-sports at 343 Industries, recently revealed that the contestants were originally applied to the XBOX Series X console, but the final contestants need to use Series X development machines with different appearances but similar functions. The reason is that even the organizers can’t get together. There are enough hosts to host the event.

In addition to the XBOX affected, Nintendo Switch and PS5 console production needs to be reduced due to chip shortages. It is expected that the situation will not improve until September next year.

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