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Recently, Microsoft not only has a very timely new trend in artificial intelligence, but it also has new news in the gaming business. Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft Gaming, has announced that the Xbox Store could land on iOS and Android platforms the next year. Play Xbox games easily on your mobile screen.

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Phil Spencer said that Microsoft hopes that users can play Xbox games on any type of mobile phone screen, or include game brands and third-party partners. While brands can’t currently do this on mobile devices, they hope to build a world that opens up these devices in the future, and it’s fairly simple to adapt the Xbox and Game Pass apps to sell and subscribe to games on mobile phones in the future.

However, he also mentioned that the success of this depends on whether Microsoft can successfully acquire Blizzard, because Microsoft does not currently have mobile games, but the deal with Blizzard can make up for this, bringing Call of Duty Mobile, Diablo Immortal and Candy Crush Saga and other popular games, and these games are very important for attracting iPhone users to use the Xbox Store.

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