Xbox top Phil Spencer reveals future plans for Call of Duty PlayStation. Will the existing agreement be maintained and the franchise will continue to be developed for the time being? |, the latest information on games and entertainment

In connection with Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision announced the other day, Phil Spencer, who oversees the Xbox division, said that the military FPS “call of DutyAn official statement was released on Twitter regarding the future development of the series on the PlayStation platform.

According to the report, during this week’s meeting with Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), the intention was to respect the agreement previously made by Activision, and the PlayStation’s “Call of Duty”. 』It is said that he has informed that he intends to maintain the development.

What this means is that the former is a story about the provision of a new 2022 version of “Call of Duty” between Activision and SIE, or even some content that seems to have been an old work. If there is a specific timed exclusive offer or promotion contract, that amount will be done as it is.

This has precedent, and in fact, in the case of Bethesda Softworks, which Microsoft already owns, the FPS that was decided before the acquisition decisionDeathloop』The timed monopoly contract has been fulfilled as it is without being abandoned.

The other point, “I want to maintain’Call of Duty’on the PlayStation,” is honestly a statement that can be interpreted in various ways, as pointed out by overseas media magazines. is. For example, “Battle Royale version of”Call of Duty: War ZoneIt is not a lie even in the case of “leaving only” as it is.

In the first place, it is just a nuance of the intention at the moment, so it is not strange if a new policy comes out in a few years. The acquisition of Activision is expected to take place by the end of the 2023 fiscal year, so if there’s any next big move beyond what’s currently being revealed about the policy, it’s probably around 2023 or the next 2024. I wonder if it will become.



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