XD rhythm game ‘Roteno’ that turns a smartphone like a steering wheel

▲ Roteno (photo source: official site)

XD Network unveiled a new mobile rhythm game ‘Rotaeno’ at the TapTap online meeting held in China on the 17th.

Roteno, developed by Dream Engine Games, is a tangible rhythm game played by rotating the device using the gyro sensor of a smartphone. Pressing the note that comes down to the bottom of the screen is the same as a normal rhythm game, but the feature is to adjust the note position by turning the device like a car steering wheel.

Another characteristic is that it is based on a post-apocalyptic worldview in which beautiful girls appear. Just before the extinction of mankind, she follows her adventures with a silver-haired girl Riot on her last galactic journey to find the promised land.

Roteno music director is HyuN, who has been in charge of composing various animations and music games, and 20 composers (Iris, Soba, VeetaCrush, SOTUI, ZxNX, Kirara Magic, Nego Tiator, Sound Souler, Aine, Tezuka) participated. .

Roteno is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2022, and the official site currently supports Chinese, English, and Japanese. A domestic release has yet to be revealed.

▲ Roteno public trailer video (Video source: XD official YouTube channel)



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