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Xi Jinping and Putin oppose ‘interference in internal affairs and politicizing coronavirus’ targeting the US

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Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin have voiced their unanimous voice in strengthening strategic solidarity with the United States, saying they oppose interference in internal affairs and politicization of COVID-19.

According to the People’s Daily on the 29th, President Xi Jinping and President Putin officially announced the extension of the China-Russia Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation at a video summit the day before, and decided to elevate the comprehensive strategic cooperation partnership for a new era to a higher level.

The two leaders take the position that the UN-centered international system, international law, global strategic security, stability, support for multilateralism, and opposition to interfering with other countries’ internal affairs or unilaterally enforced sanctions on the basis of ‘democracy’ and ‘human rights’ also expressed.

Then, as if conscious of the US and Western countries’ discussion of ‘China’s responsibility theory’ regarding the origin of the COVID-19 virus, the two leaders voiced their opposition to stigmatizing or politicizing the origin of the epidemic and virus.

The Sino-Russian leaders continued high-level exchanges, strengthened cooperation on COVID-19 vaccine, strengthened cooperation in areas such as bilateral trade, low-carbon and digital economy, agriculture, and agreed to expand the Belt and Road Initiative.

The leaders also made it clear that Russia supported the successful hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics, scheduled for February next year, while opposing the politicization of sports.

He also emphasized the unity of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SC0) led by China and Russia and expressed serious concerns about the situation in Afghanistan following the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.


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