Xi Jinping flies to Riyadh Strengthening friendship between Saudi Arabia and Arab countries

Chinese leader visits Saudi Arabia hoping to strengthen cooperation with Middle Eastern nations in all aspects During the Saudi-U.S. Relationships go downhill. Relations between the United States and China remain strained.

The South China Morning Post reported that China’s foreign ministry has confirmed the visit of President Xi Jinping to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who is scheduled to arrive in Riyadh on Wednesday and begin a three-day visit. This is President Xi’s first official visit to the kingdom in six years for a summit between China and the countries of the Middle East. held for the first time It is an extension of China Arab States Cooperation Forum. as a negotiating mechanism established in 2004

According to reports by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the official Saudi news agency, there will be three summits, including the China-Saudi summit. China-Arab Nations Summit on Cooperation and Development China-Gulf Nations Cooperation and Development Summit (GCC).

The SPA notes that the visit of President Xi It reflects the desire of Saudi and Chinese leaders to deepen relations. and expanding strategic partnerships as well as realizing the political and economic potential of each party to create mutual benefits The two leaders will witness the signing of more than 20 joint investment and energy agreements worth more than $29.3 billion, as well as strategic partnership agreements. and signed plans to implement Saudi Arabia’s “Vision 2030” development policy and distribute joint projects with China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

among all the Arab nations China invested the most in Saudi Arabia between 2005 and 2020, accounting for more than 20.3 percent of the total investment in the Middle East, worth $ 196.9 billion.

As well as trade and investment the relationship between the two countries has grown stronger in recent years. Especially in the field of cultural exchange, such as the Saudi Ministry of Culture. Announcing the establishment of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Award for Cultural Cooperation between China and Saudi Arabia The award will be officially released during President Xi’s visit. with the intention of promoting the language Art and Arab culture as well as cultural exchange and good understanding between each other

At the moment, there are many universities and schools in Saudi Chinese language instruction While 44 universities in China offer Arabic language training.


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