Xi Jinping ordered the Chinese army All forces are preparing for war.

The People’s Daily news agency reported that on WednesdayXi Jinping Mr the Chinese president told the People’s Liberation Army to spend all its strength fighting to prepare for war.

There was also a picture of Mr Xi wearing an army uniform during a visit to a command centre.

Xi also told the Chinese People’s Liberation Army that armed forces must strengthen general military training to prepare for war.

“You must put all your energy into the fight. You have to work hard in the fight and increase your ability to win.”

People’s Daily also claimed that Mr Xi said the military must “Protect our sovereignty and national security with all our might” also

The comments come amid rising tensions between the Taiwan Straits compared to recent years. Especially after the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, visited Taiwan on August 2nd, while Xi has always said that the peaceful annexation of Taiwan is necessary. But it doesn’t get stuck if you have to use force.

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