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Xi Jinping orders the internal documents of the fight for hegemony with the United States to be exposed | Wolf Warriors Diplomacy | Cyberspace Administration of China | Network

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[New Tang Dynasty Beijing April 30, 2021]The CCP’s aggressive war wolf diplomacy has prompted the United States to unite its allies against the CCP. The Epoch Times recently obtained an internal CCP document that disclosed that Xi Jinping had ordered four years ago to fight for hegemony with the United States in an attempt to compete for the leadership of the new international order.

Exclusive: Exposure of Xi Jinping’s internal speech 4 years ago

According to an exclusive report from Epoch Times on April 30, it has recently obtained an internal document from the CCP’s Liaoning Provincial Cyberspace Administration Department in 2017 to convey the spirit of the “latest speech”. The document conveyed the “important speech spirit” of General Secretary Xi Jinping and Secretary of the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee Li Xi at the meeting of the Central and Provincial Party Committee Leading Groups on Cybersecurity and Informatization.

According to the document, on January 4, 2017, Xi Jinping presided over the fourth meeting of the Central Leading Group for Cybersecurity and Informatization. However, the full text of Xi’s speech was not issued. The local cybersecurity and information office directors’ symposium held on March 24 and the third meeting of the Provincial Party Committee’s Cyber ​​Security and Informatization Leading Group on March 24″ internally communicated.

On March 24, 2017, the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee Network Security and Informatization Leading Group held a meeting. (Screenshot of the Chinese Communist Party media Xinhuanet)

The fourth meeting of the CCP’s Central Cyber ​​Security and Informatization Leading Group and the content of Xi Jinping’s speech at the meeting have not been reported publicly.

In addition, according to the website of the Liaoning Provincial Government of the Communist Party of China, on March 24, 2017, the Provincial Party Committee’s Cyber ​​Security and Informatization Leading Group held a meeting, “The meeting thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech on cyber security and informatization.”

Although the authorities in public reports called for “in-depth study and implementation” of the spirit of Xi Jinping’s important speech at the fourth meeting, it did not mention a word about the content of the speech.

The “Central Network Security and Informatization Leading Group” was established in February 2014 after Xi Jinping took office. It is the highest organization responsible for Internet censorship. Xi Jinping is the group leader. Its office is referred to as the Central Cyberspace Administration of China, which is subordinate to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. It is also the office of the State Council of the Communist Party of China, also known as the National Cyberspace Administration.

A screenshot of the internal document conveying the spirit of the “latest speech” by the Liaoning Provincial Internet Information Department of the Communist Party of China in 2017 (The Epoch Times)

This internal document from the Liaoning Provincial Internet Information Department disclosed the “essential speech spirit” of Xi Jinping that the CCP did not want to know.

Xi Jinping first mentioned that the first three meetings of the Central Leading Group have mainly constructed “six aspects”: establishing the top-level design of cybersecurity and informatization; adhering to the “positive energy”, daring to grasp and manage; consolidating the national cyber security barrier; informatization driving the economy; Enhance the discourse power and influence of the road space; strengthen the overall planning and coordination of the linkage network information work. In a word, the CCP has strengthened the power of the cybersecurity and informatization department, and strengthened cyber censorship and information filtering.

At the fourth meeting, which was limited to internal communication, Xi Jinping emphasized the “five aspects”-mainly including the use and management of new media, core technology development, cyber security assurance, the expansion and strengthening of the digital economy, and the global Internet. Road governance.

Document Leaked: Xi Jinping instructs the formulation of Internet rules to fight for the right to speak

Xi Jinping cited the then U.S. President Trump (Trump) as an example, saying that “Trump won the U.S. election and the role of the new media should not be underestimated.” Xi Jinping called for strict management of new media, and “cultivating more red Internet big Vs, and doing five by themselves.” Internet Big V refers to Internet users who have been authenticated by Chinese social media platforms and have many fans; self-driving five is called “fifty cents with your own dry food”, which refers to netizens who spontaneously promote the CCP.

Screenshot of Xi Jinping’s “Spirit of Important Speech” document (The Epoch Times)

Xi Jinping particularly emphasized the use of “laws” to strictly control the Internet, saying that King Solomon’s magic bottle “depends on the bottle cap” and “we have to tighten the law cap.”

In his speech, Xi also mentioned Western countries, saying that “we have put some pressure on the United States and other Western countries”, but the core technology is still restricted by others, so we must “strengthen centralized and unified leadership” and see results as soon as possible, including the implementation of an overseas talent strategy. .

The talent strategy in Xi Jinping’s speech mainly includes, “supporting Internet and information companies to attract overseas high-end talents”, taking the initiative to come to the door, changing “introduction” to “inviting”; through the establishment of R&D centers overseas, etc., “enable overseas Chinese leading talents, foreign nationals, etc. High-end talents are better for my use.”

Screenshot of Xi Jinping’s “Spirit of Important Speech” document (The Epoch Times)

Xi also mentioned that the development of the digital economy should center on the construction of the “Belt and Road”.

In this speech, Xi Jinping focused on “grasping the new trend of global Internet governance and actively competing for the right to speak and rule-making.” He claimed to build the “World Internet Conference” brand, “deeply participate in and lead the process of multilateral multi-party governance, and compete for the right to formulate international Internet rules, the right to speak of international organizations, and the control of basic resources.”

Screenshot of Xi Jinping’s “Spirit of Important Speech” document (The Epoch Times)

Xi Jinping also proposed a specific strategy for Internet hegemony-“The most important thing is to “define rules”, “enter people” and “set roots.” Among them, “determining rules” is to transform the CCP’s “Internet governance philosophy into international rules”; “entering people” is to promote more CCP representatives to “take important positions in key international Internet organizations”; “rooting” is to Strive to obtain basic Internet management resources such as root servers.

Screenshot of Xi Jinping’s “Outline for the Spiritual Transmission of Important Speeches on Cybersecurity and Informatization Work” (The Epoch Times)

In addition, internal documents obtained by The Epoch Times show that in his internal speeches, Xi Jinping recognized the U.S.’s leading position on the Internet, and proposed “four fundamental changes”: the pattern of U.S. monopoly on cyber hegemony has not fundamentally changed; cyberspace enemies The overall situation of the strong and the weak has not fundamentally changed; the political plot of the hostile forces to use the Internet to “take down China (CCP)” has not fundamentally changed; the passive situation of our technologically controlled by others has not fundamentally changed.

The two sides of the US-China Alaska talks have no consensus on international rules

The US-China Alaska talks that ended not long ago not only once again exposed the CCP’s war wolf diplomacy, but also exposed the fact that the U.S. and the CCP have no consensus on international order and rules.

The two sides were diametrically opposed at the beginning of the talks. In his opening speech, US Secretary of State Blincol stated that the US government is committed to “strengthening the rules-based international order.” However, Yang Jiechi, director of the CCP’s Foreign Affairs Office, directly choked, saying that the CCP does not recognize “a small part of it.” The “rule-based” international order advocated by the state.”

According to Epoch Times’ comments on March 6 (link to the comments), the Secretary of the Qilian County Committee of the Qinghai Province of the Communist Party of China disclosed at the special seminar of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China that Xi Jinping had made “East ascends, West descends” and “Today’s World”. The biggest source of chaos is in the United States” and other major judgments. These assertions reveal Xi Jinping’s attitude and ambitions, that is, Xi views the United States as an enemy, and that the CCP will replace the United States sooner or later.

The Wall Street Journal published an article (link) by former White House deputy national security adviser Matthew Pottinger on March 26, stating that the CCP is forcing bosses to choose sides, and Xi Jinping has made clear demands on American entrepreneurs. When China does business, it must sacrifice American values.

The article also revealed that Xi Jinping said in an important speech to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in 2013 that “capitalism will inevitably die and socialism will inevitably win.”

Huari’s report “How China is gradually expanding its influence in the international organization system” (link) on September 29 last year disclosed that the CCP is taking over the United Nations, which was originally used to promote human rights and democracy.

The article stated that among the 15 specialized agencies of the United Nations, the CCP has taken the leadership of four; the CCP uses multilateral institutions to promote its own initiatives and values. For example, about 30 United Nations agencies and organizations have signed a support for the CCP’s “One Belt” Memorandum of “One Road”.

Exclusive: Document Leakage CCP Promotes Its New Internet Order to the World

The Epoch Times also obtained the “Conference Speech” document issued by the Leading Group of Cybersecurity and Informatization of the Anshan Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China in Liaoning Province in March 2018. The document revealed that Xi Jinping is promoting the Chinese (CCP) model and experience that represents the CCP’s ideology to the world, including the formulation of Internet rules and order.

Screenshot of the “Conference Speech” document of the Leading Group for Cybersecurity and Informatization of the CPC Anshan Municipal Committee

The document discloses the spirit and instructions that Xi Jinping has conveyed and implemented within the Chinese Communist regime, such as proclaiming that Xi Jinping has promoted the “Four Principles” of the reform of the global Internet governance system, the “Five Propositions” of building a community with a shared future in cyberspace, and the implementation of “Five-point Propositions”. The advocacy of “Four Commons” is “widely recognized by the international community.” The CCP’s “Chinese solution”, “Chinese experience”, and “Chinese wisdom” for the global governance of the Internet are increasingly being accepted, shared and shared. Adopted; the CCP “is playing an important role in the reconstruction of the global order of the Internet, providing ideological guidance for the development and governance of the global Internet.”

The Wall Street Journal’s report (link) on February 8 this year found that from light bulbs to 5G, the CCP is competing with the West for control of important technical standards. CCP officials are leading at least four global standards organizations, including the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), the United Nations agency that manages telephone and Internet connections, and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), the industry organization that manages electrical and electronic technology.

Current affairs commentator Li Linyi believes that the example of the Chinese Communist Party vying for control of technical standards cited by the Huari Report vividly illustrates the key means of hegemony proposed by Xi Jinping-“setting rules” and “entering people”; and the Chinese Communist Party promotes the Internet protocol The action of the sixth edition (IPv6) is what Xi Jinping called “rooting.”

According to the “Action Plan for Promoting the Large-scale Deployment of Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)” (link) issued by the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council in 2017, the Chinese Communist Party is vigorously promoting the deployment of IPv6, and plans to expand China’s IPv6 requirements by the end of 2025. Reach the first in the world and strive to “become the leading force in the development of the next generation of the global Internet.”

The Chinese Communist Party media usually promotes IPv6 networks as being led and promoted by the National Engineering Center for Next Generation Internet (CFIEC) under the Development and Reform Commission of the Communist Party of China, and 4 IPv6 root servers have been deployed in China in 2017. It overcomes the plight of no root server in the past.

However, the fact is that although the promotion of IPv6 networks is related to the Yeti DNS Project (Yeti DNS Project) participated by CFIEC, according to the introduction of Yeti’s official website (link to the official website), the Yeti Project is only an “experimental” project that is still being tested, that is to say , The so-called Chinese IPv6 root server is not a real Internet root domain name server.

Li Linyi said that, in any case, China has shared a nationwide effort to promote IPv6 in recent years, demonstrating its ambition and actions to fight for control of the Internet.

In addition, last year the CCP downgraded the World Internet Conference, which had been held for six consecutive years, to the “Internet Development Forum.”

Although Xi Jinping’s high hopes for the “World Internet Conference” have shrunk, Xi has replayed his old tune, sending congratulatory letters and mentioning cybersecurity, and instructing the World Internet Conference Organizing Committee to propose the establishment of the so-called “cyberspace” advocated by the Chinese Communist Party. Community of Destiny”.

The community of shared future in cyberspace is the new Internet order proposed by Xi Jinping at the Second World Internet Conference. The organizing committee of the World Internet Conference is the CCP’s Cyberspace Administration; the chairman of the organizing committee is Zhuang Rongwen, director of the CCP’s Cyberspace Administration.

Li Linyi said that although the CCP’s Internet Conference last year shrank significantly due to the epidemic, the CCP’s ambition to formulate global rules and lead a new international order has not changed.

(Editor in charge: Tang Ying)

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