Xi Jinping’s repeated attacks on the leaders of many countries have mixed results

Xi Jinping went to Bali, Indonesia to attend the G20 summit and held the summit with Biden. He “rebuked” Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau with a sullen expression, and temporarily canceled the meeting with the British Prime Minister. He then attended the APEC meeting in Thailand and warned the Japanese Prime Minister, Fumio Kishida, not to oppose China; Xi refused to shake hands with Thai Prime Minister Prayuth, and was scrutinized. Xi Yan returned to the international arena for the first time after his success in office. He wanted to show the strength of a great country and met with the leaders of 11 countries, but it did not seem to break through China’s situation or improve its own country. His diplomatic faux pas and his personal display of “Wolf Warrior Diplomacy” caused the overwhelming majority of public opinion in the United States and Europe to be disgusted, with mixed results.

It is understandable that Xi Jinping returned to the international stage after more than three years of inactivity under the influence of the new epidemic of the crown, and he wanted to show the strength of a great country like Biden. However, he had a private meeting with Trudeau, and the content of the conversation was published by the Canadian media, which caused Xi’s displeasure. The next day, he met Du again at the venue and blamed Du personally for leaking the contents of the conversation to the media.

“It’s not appropriate, and we didn’t do it that way,” Xi said with a faint smile at first, but he couldn’t hide his anger. Through a Chinese interpreter, Trudeau realized that Xi was blaming him and responded, “In Canada, we believe in free, open and sincere dialogue, we will continue to do so, and look forward to continued constructive cooperation, but both sides will also there is a difference of opinion The place”. The translator clearly avoided translating this retort to Xi. Xi also said: “If we are sincere, we should respect each other to communicate well… Otherwise, the result will be difficult to say.” Considered threatening.

The video of the confrontation between the two was broadcast worldwide and became the focus of public opinion. Patriotic pinks praised Xi for “teaching” Trudeau, which made the Chinese feel bad. Foreign anti-communists said that Xi revealed that he was embarrassed. It was a living example of a negative example of wolf warrior diplomacy, which brought a bad impression for the international community. Public opinion in the United States, Canada and Europe believes that Xi’s gaffe is disgusting, and the gain outweighs the loss.

To be fair, China-Canada relations are “new enmity combined with old enmity”. Canada cooperated with the United States to detain Meng Wanzhou in 2018, and China also arrested two Canadians, accusing them of being spies. Later, after several diplomatic disputes, the two sides “exchanged prisoners”, and Meng Wanzhou was released in 2021. Recently, it was reported that Xi personally ordered the use of arrests, and then negotiated the exchange of prisoners. This is old angry

Xinchou pointed out that Canadian police recently arrested Wang Yuesheng, an employee of the Quebec Electric Company, on charges of espionage, accusing him of stealing business secrets and making profits for China; The Canadian Congress launched an investigation into Beijing’s interference in Canadian elections. Du and Xi met to discuss these issues, as well as human rights issues in Xinjiang and Ukraine The content was revealed by the media. Perhaps Xi thought he was being pushed to the wall, so he blamed Black.

The problem seems to be that Xi and Du did not agree to keep the contents secret. After the leaders of democratic countries meet with foreign leaders, it is natural to reveal the contents to the public. Du and Xi are equal in status, and Xi cannot stop the other party to keep it secret.

Some commentators say that the easiest way to do diplomacy is to engage in wolf warrior diplomacy. You don’t need skills, you just need to dare to insult and insult the other party, be happy and promote to the people. The problem is that this is a diplomatic faux pas on international occasions, and the person involved will also be seen as shallow and incompetent and ignorant of diplomacy. A true diplomat is a good-natured person who speaks quietly but with a bit of resilience, and behaves gracefully without losing his position. On the contrary, he can make friends and isolate enemies. In the so-called united front, Zhou Enlai in the Mao era was the master. Now that Xi personally shows the gesture of the wolf warrior, Wang Yi and others have of course intensified, making the circle of Chinese friends less and less, and the international community is even more isolated.

The British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak temporarily canceled the meeting with Xi Jinping. The British side said “there is no time to arrange it”, while the Chinese side said they did not know the reason. Sunak announced on the 15th that China is a “systemic challenge”, and former Prime Minister Truss positioned China as a “threat.” The Financial Times and the Guardian noted that China has eased its stance on China. On the 16th, the British Trade Administration ordered the Chinese company Nexperia to acquire the largest chip factory in the UK in 2021. It is related to national security and must release 86% of its shares.

Xi immediately attended the APEC summit in Thailand, believing that perhaps all countries want to rely on China, which made it more confident and high profile. He met with Kishida, emphasizing that Japan should not be anti-China and that other countries should not interfere in China’s internal affairs (referring to the Taiwan issue) He also said that East Asia is no country’s backyard and secretly criticizes the United States.

Xi and Kishida have opposing views on the threat of power to Taiwan and the sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands, but both sides agreed to resume exchanges. The Japanese are wary of the CCP. The source is wolf warrior diplomacy and the threat of force. Xi continues to apply the logic of “the CCP is equal to China, and anti-communism is anti-China. ” He can only change the concept. mislead some Chinese people, and outsiders ignore it.

Xi and Thai Prime Minister Prayut were on the same stage. After the photo was taken, Xi ignored Prayut who was stretched and turned away. Prayut was very embarrassed and could only touch his nose and complain. His rudeness caused negative comments from the public. Xi may have made an unintentional mistake, and the two shook hands the next day to “correct”.

In both international events, China is indeed the target of the leaders of different countries because of its huge market interests. Countries have demands from China, but China has demands from the United States. After the Xi-Xi meeting, the United States has not relaxed its stance of supporting Taiwan and containing China. The United States has taken the lead in many issues, and China has fallen into a tight diplomatic siege. As the United States and China draw red lines, the diplomatic and economic and trade conflict will become increasingly fierce.

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