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Original title: Xi’an, Shaanxi: Strengthen the management of centralized isolation points to prevent the rebound of the epidemic

On January 16, Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control to introduce the latest situation of epidemic prevention and control.

Zhang Fenghu, Deputy Director of the Office of Xi’an Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters and Deputy Secretary-General of the Municipal Government, introduced the specific measures taken by Xi’an to strictly prevent the rebound of the epidemic.

First, keep an eye on key areas and key sites and continue to do nucleic acid screening, and try to find hidden infections as much as possible. Yanta District, High-tech District, Chang’an District, Beilin District, and Xixian New District will continue to develop according to the arrangements on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th, 10th, and 14th days after the last case in the region. “Knock on the door”, nucleic acid screening is carried out in the whole area; other districts, counties and development zones will conduct nucleic acid screening in accordance with the above arrangements. Today, the High-tech Zone and Xixian New District are conducting nucleic acid screening on the seventh day. It is hoped that citizens and friends in the districts, counties, development zones and relevant sub-district areas who have started the screening work will actively cooperate with the sampling work, resolutely ensure that no one is missed, and eliminate hidden dangers as soon as possible.

The second is to stare at the centralized isolation point of the prison. Looking at it now, the isolation point is the key factor in realizing the “dynamic clearing” of the epidemic, which determines the length of the tailing time of the epidemic. The focus of the next step in the isolation point work is to concentrate efforts, check for shortcomings, plug loopholes, strictly regulate management, and resolutely prevent cross-infection. We will further strengthen the work force, strengthen personnel management, strictly implement single-person single-room, standardize nucleic acid sampling of quarantined personnel, and earnestly do a good job in the environment, sterilization of items, and release of quarantine upon expiration. It should be noted here: For the isolation points where positive cases occurred during the isolation period, we will organize experts to conduct flow investigation, risk assessment and comprehensive analysis and judgment in a timely manner. For cases where cross-infection within the isolation point cannot be ruled out, the positive cases will be transferred from the date of transfer. From now on, a 14-day centralized quarantine observation will continue. (Headquarters reporter Li Zhixuhui)

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