Xiaopeng Motors adjusts the naming and configuration of the G9 model version

Source: Caijing NetworkAuthor: Yan Qi2022-09-23 16:51
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Caijing.com Auto News on September 23, the official learned that in response to the complicated product configuration reported by users after the G9 was launched, Xiaopeng Motors will modify the name and configuration of the G9 model version from now on, and will directly standardize the functions with high selectivity. .

In terms of power, the entire series comes standard with an 800V high voltage platform and a 3C super fast charging battery pack. Among them, the 650 range models can be equipped with a 4C super fast charging battery pack, which is priced at 10,000 yuan; in terms of intelligent assisted driving, all models are equipped with the XPILOT intelligent assisted driving system as standard, the Max version is further upgraded to the XNGP intelligent assisted driving system, the hardware has added dual lidars , and the number of NVIDIA DRIVE Orin intelligent driving chips has increased to 2, which will have full-view intelligent assisted driving capabilities; in terms of luxury configuration, Pro Version and higher models come standard with “5D music cockpit”, including XOPERA Xiaopeng Concert Hall, Nappa leather seats, beauty space, intelligent aroma system, driver’s main and auxiliary leg rest / massage / rhythm and 18 other luxury configurations.

The commemorative version of the 650 launched on the market, on a full configuration basis, is equipped with a unique matte interstellar green color and an intelligent electric rear towing hook, adding 8 exclusive rights for the first owner, including : the first year. brand insurance subsidy, the vehicle Lifetime Warranty, Lifetime Warranty for Power Battery, Lifetime Warranty for Motor, Lifetime Free Basic Maintenance, Lifetime Unlimited Traffic, Lifetime Door-to-door Collection and Delivery Service, Lifetime Self-Activating Station Electricity Cards.

Old car owners who have purchased XPILOT 3.0 / 3.5 software can enjoy a 30% discount on this G9 XNGP upgrade (that is, a 30% discount on the price difference between the Max and Pro versions of the same battery life).

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