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Xinhua Hot Comment | The old vernacular truth of “read the book”_Speaking

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Original title: Xinhua Hot Comment | The old vernacular truth of “read the book”

“I have walked a long way and suffered a lot before I delivered this doctoral dissertation to you.” “Read down and go out and live my life in vain”… a real experience, plain In the language of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a doctor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences wrote the “thank you” part of his doctoral dissertation four years ago, which has attracted considerable popularity on the Internet recently. This “Acknowledgement” not only expresses the story of a poor student who changed the trajectory of his life, but also re-explains what is often said that “reading changes destiny”.

Poor and strong, do not fall into the ambition of Qingyun. A careful study of the author’s life track does not escape the logic of this inspirational quote. The old principles still work. In this era when many people put “introduction” on their lips and put “comparison with waste” into action, the simple and straightforward sentence of “read the book and go out” directly hits people’s hearts and resonates. , At least it means that many people are not as decadent as everyone thinks, they still have dreams in their hearts.

Poor and stronger? Or “lying down and mocking”? In fact, they are two sides of the spiritual world of this generation of young people. In the past few years, the stories of “985 Waste” and “Small Town Becoming a Writer” have been repeatedly screened. It seems that young people are overwhelmed, but in fact they are more depressing in a self-deprecating way. Perhaps, the doctor also shouted “Mentality collapsed” at many points during the struggle, but he finally showed courage and patience to overcome difficulties and challenges, and strangled the throat of fate.

Dancing with the times, besides self-deprecating, self-improvement, self-examination, and self-examination are still the mainstream. Who says that one generation is inferior to one generation?

In fact, knowledge is knowledge, and what extinguishes the fire of ideals is not the books that have been read, but the utilitarian mentality of “academic qualifications are everything” and “abolish it if you fail to succeed”.

Read the book, it will not be a waste of time, and you will return as a teenager! (Reporter Jiang Fang)Return to Sohu to see more


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