XSpring Digital receives 4 digital asset licenses Ready to provide comprehensive service

Xspring Digital Wins 4 Cryptocurrency Broker Licenses Digital Token Broker Cryptocurrency traders and digital token traders Combined with being a digital token offering system (ICO Portal) service provider, it has 4 licenses and 1 ICO Portal in hand, ready for service in the first quarter of this year. It is the first company in Thailand to receive a business license. All 5 digital assets

Exspring Capital Public Company Limited (XPG) announced today that its subsidiary, XSring Digital, has received four official licenses: 1. Cryptocurrency brokerage 2. Digital Token Brokers, 3. Cryptocurrency Traders and 4. Digital Token Traders It has also been approved by SEC to become an ICO Portal ready to be the first one-stop service digital financial and investment service provider in Thailand through a strong operation with a capital of over 10 billion baht to support Expanding the global digital currency market projected to be worth more than 40 trillion baht in 2022.

Ms. Warangkana Akrasataporn, President of Exspring Capital Public Company Limited, said, “After the company has announced a business plan in August this past in becoming a financial and securities business group as a comprehensive financial service provider and extending current financial expertise to Digital Financial Service by highlighting 3 strengths, namely alliances, strong capital raising and holding licenses that are ready to provide a full range of investor services in the capital increase Ex-Spring originally had capital from shareholders’ equity of 3,094 million baht and increased the proportion of capital increase by 7,111 million baht, giving the company a strong financial position and high financial liquidity with more than 10 billion baht of funds on hand. It is ready to invest in business development in various areas of the company, one of the main businesses that will focus on development especially to meet the needs of the current money market is digital business. by focusing on developing a digital investment platform and create a business ecosystem for financial services. with an affiliated company who is in charge of the digital business is Ex Spring Digital Company Limited.”

after the capital increase Xspring has moved forward with the business plan. One of the projects in line with this vision is that Xspring Digital has been certified as a digital token offering system provider in Thailand (ICO Portal) and has offered for sale. SiriHub Investment Token, the first real estate-backed ICO in Thailand that is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). to the public and sold out until it was very successful.

Today, Xspring Digital has officially received 4 more licenses. The services available in the first quarter of this year are: 1. Cryptocurrency Broker 2. Digital Token Broker 3. Cryptocurrency Trader and 4. Trader. Digital tokens enable the company to offer a full range of digital financial and investment services. and digital tokens all in one It covers both the primary and secondary markets.

“Exspring Digital’s one-stop service is connected to the digital asset trading platform. both in Thailand and abroad Provides convenience to investors without the hassle of opening an account with another Exchange. We will develop digital platforms in various forms, both websites and applications. To support all cryptocurrencies and digital token transactions in one place. by using an easy-to-use interface in a User-friendly This allows investors to conveniently trade digital assets from anywhere, 24 hours a day, and to easily monitor their portfolios, whether trading on the primary or secondary market of the XSpring partner platforms.” Ms. Warangkana Akrasataporn said

While Xspring Capital’s performance in the first half of 2021 is satisfactory. with total revenue, share of profit from venture capital firms of 167 million baht, higher than total revenue of share of profit from venture capital firms for the year 2020 at 141 million baht, with net profit of 65 million baht, increasing from 791% in the same period last year, which is a clear positive sign. The company believes that this strong business plan Will be able to continuously increase the revenue and profit of the company. It is expected that the revenue will grow exponentially in 2022.

In addition, the company also has several partners which are key to driving the business that will help the Exspring Capital Group achieve its goal of becoming a leader in integrated financial and investment services. that will change the old world of investment finance business to innovation in finance and investment Connecting the current world of investment finance and the future of digital investment finance services. through the use of advanced digital technology To give everyone the opportunity to access the world of finance and investment conveniently and easily. Along with laying the foundation for a strong digital asset ecosystem in Thailand To push Thailand to be a model city of global digital asset ecosystem



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