Home Business “Xspring Digital” reveals that Sansiri is ready to receive Siri Hub for home-condo purchase

“Xspring Digital” reveals that Sansiri is ready to receive Siri Hub for home-condo purchase

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“Exspring Digital” reveals that Sansiri is ready to accept Siri as a home-condo purchase hub

Mr. Att Thongyai Asavanan, Chief Executive Officer of Xspring Digital Co., Ltd. as the ICO Portal of “Sirihub Token”, a digital token with the Siri Campus Building Group, the head office of Sansiri as an underlying asset. that Sansiri Public Company Limited is ready to continue to accept Sirihub tokens for booking and buying houses, condos, townhomes of Sansiri with confidence in Siri Hub’s stability and low risk Token that it will receive a quarterly share of 4.5% and 8% per annum over 4 years from Sansiri’s rental payments. It is also reliable because it is subject to the digital asset business law and the supervision of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). As a real estate leader specializing in digital finance, Sansiri is the first company in Thailand and the world to accept digital tokens that can be used instead of cash in real life. Continuing from the receipt of crypto coins in the purchase of houses, condos, townhomes until successful

“It is believed that the acceptance of SiriHub Tokens in the booking and purchase of houses, condos and townhomes of Sansiri will attract the attention of small and large investors who own almost 10,000 SiriHub tokens. It is a milestone in the history of the world’s first payable digital token together. It is believed that more than 100 stores will join the SiriHub Token Ecosystem, which will increase the value of SiriHub. tokens in the ERX secondary market and make Thailand a model city for a global digital token ecosystem,” said Att.

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Mr Att said that Sansiri aims to achieve Siri Hub. Tokens to hold for long-term investments increased from the campaign. “Buy a house with SiriHub Token, but have with it” this time, which is open to both SiriHub A, which gives a 4.5% income share per year, and Sirihub B, which gives a revenue share of 8% per year over 4 years. Ready to hold Sirihub tokens for 4 years of the token’s lifespan Because it considers that the value of “Siri Campus” at Sansiri Headquarters, which is the underlying asset, will jump to receive higher land prices on the Sukhumvit line. This will push SiriHub B’s revenue share to 2 digits from 8% from the sale of the Siri Campus building in the next four years. Sansiri currently holds a digital token for investment in SiriHub. A issued by SPV 77 and offered for sale through Exspring Digital Co., Ltd. in the amount of 20 million tokens, totaling 200 million baht.

Sansiri’s “Buy a Home with SiriHub Token, You Can, and You” campaign is bringing specially selected units of houses, condos, townhomes, over 60 projects across the country such as Khun Byyu, Setthasiri, Burasiri, Anasiri, Siri Place. , Oka House, The Base Saphan Mai, etc., worth more than 500 million baht to offer 2 privileges from today – 31 December 2021, namely

Privilege 1: Book with SiriHub Token, get instant discount up to 11 million baht.

Privilege 2: Pay with SiriHub Token, save up to 30% of the token value paid, and SiriHub A will receive an additional 16% value of the amount paid with SiriHub Token and SiriHub B. will receive an additional 30% value of the balance paid with SiriHub Token

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