[Y이슈] Kang Min-kyung, exciting start to the year… Passion Pay→ Controversy allegation of father’s fraud

Singer Kang Min-kyung is going through a series of hardships. After the controversy about passion pay ended, this time, the controversy about the father’s fraud charge was revealed, and we face an exciting start to the year.

On the 6th, Kang Min-kyung’s agency Wake One made an official statement, saying, “Kang Min-kyung has experienced his father’s unpleasant financial problems many times since his debut at the age of 18.” He said that he had paid off his father’s debts for the sake of the family, and that he had cut contact with his father.

“Kang Min-kyung is not involved in any business, including investment and development, except for Abiemua Co., Ltd. registered as a representative and activities as a celebrity,” he said.

Earlier on the same day, SBS Entertainment News reported that 19 people, including investor Park Mo, filed a complaint against Mr. A and Mr. B on the 2nd. The plaintiffs filed a complaint alleging that Mr. A and Mr. B, who operated a real estate development company, signed a real estate development contract that won 1.2 billion by deceiving that they would develop a forest area in Munji-ri, Paju, Gyeonggi – made in September 2017, that he did not have a clear development plan, within two years, but did not keep it. .

The complaint also contained information that the plaintiffs signed a contract to invest 400,000 won per pyeong in the forest, known to be owned by Kang Min-kyung’s older brother, through Mr. Han, the director of an auction academy in Busan. The plaintiffs claimed that Mr. And the verbal promise that he would “repurchase the investment or compensate with other land”, and it was said that Mr. B was the owner of the forest at the time of the contract.

In response, it is known that Mr. Has filed a counter-suit against the five plaintiffs for defamation, but Mr. Kang Min-kyung line saying that he had nothing to do with the case.

However, an uncomfortable situation develops as Kang Min-kyung’s name goes up and down again and again for the reason that he is a member of the family. Kang Min-kyung, who stood in the middle of the hot issue of the ‘Passion Pay’ debate exactly one month ago, has been in a bad mood since the beginning of the year.

Previously, on the 5th of last month, Kang Min-kyung posted a job posting for a shopping mall that is currently in operation through his SNS, and a controversy arose when the salary of the job posted on the job posting site was caught. For a 3-month contract position that can be converted to a full-time position, 3 to 7 years of experience and a college degree or higher are required.

Afterwards, Kang Min-kyung explained that she incorrectly listed the 25 million annual salary earned for a new employee as an experienced employee, but the public was outraged by the fact that an influential celebrity tried to hire a new employee with an annual salary that is less than the minimum wage. The public poured in intense criticism as the annual salary was significantly lower than Kang Min-kyung’s expenditure, which was confirmed through YouTube and social media activities.

In response, on the 11th, 6 days after posting the job posting, Kang Min-kyung said, “I heard criticism and advice from many people because of this debate. “I didn’t think I could let it go.” He admitted. his mistake and apologized.

He expressed his will to improve, saying, “With this event as an opportunity, we will adjust the starting salary for all new members of Abiemuah, as well as all new recruits regardless of their academic background / regardless of it’s their career experience, to earn 30 million.”

Along with this, “Through this job, I was able to learn that running a company as an entertainer requires more special attention and careful consideration. I will show you how to grow. “I am rare in many ways . It’s been two years since I was building Abiemuah while going through trial and error, making many mistakes, realizing my mistakes, reflecting, and thinking again. Meanwhile, Aviemuah started with three people , it has grown into a space where 16 team members can We are planning to hire a person in charge of human resources soon, and we will examine the existing human resources system with expert advice and show you how to improve systematically.”

The situation was over at the time with Kang Min-kyung’s sincere apology and declaration of will to improve, but this time, as news of the fraudulent prosecution of the father and brother was reported, it was once again at the heart of the matter. In particular, Kang Min-kyung revealed a sensitive family history that forced her to end the relationship, even though she had repaid the debt to her father. As the stories of celebrities who have suffered damage due to financial problems between their families continue continuously in the entertainment industry, Kang Min-kyung’s situation this time is also disturbing.


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