[Y이슈] Song Ga-in’s side “Kim Ho-joong and marriage rumors, fake news… Legal regulations need to be prepared” [공식입장]

Singer Song Ga-in was outraged by the fake news that recently surfaced on YouTube and urged legal regulations.

On the 21st, the agency Pocket Doll Studio said about the marriage rumor with singer Kim Ho-joong, which spread through YouTube recently, as “baseless and spreading false information.”

“Not only Song Ga-in, but many celebrities are suffering serious harm due to fake news that only targets opinions,” he said. I hope that legal regulations will be established as soon as possible so that fake news can be eliminated at this opportunity.”

Song Ga-in also said through her agency, “It seems that many people are suffering serious damage from fake news other than those uploaded to YouTube. There have to be legal regulations in place,” he said.

Previously, on the 17th, a video called ‘Singer Kim Ho-joong Song Ga-in surprise wedding announcement.

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