[Y이슈]’Suspicion of abuse of power’ Side Lee Beom-soo “Discrimination between students and offensive language? Unfounded…classes with sincerity as a teacher” (professional)

While actor Lee Beom-soo was surrounded by allegations of “cap-jil” against the students he taught, the agency made an official statement.

On the night of the 7th, Lee Beom-soo’s agency, Big Punch Entertainment, lowered its head and said, “We apologize for making you feel uncomfortable due to an unexpected controversy.”

He was at the center of controversy after allegations that he regularly abused power against students in the Performing Arts Department at Shinhan University, where he is dean of the department. It was also claimed that the students discriminated against rich students and poor students, insulted them, and did not teach properly.

In response, the agency revealed that Lee Bum-soo had been in the church for eight years since 2014, and after discussions with the school, he had held classes on weekends rather than weekdays. In addition, there were cases where the Academic Affairs Office was not informed of the schedule due to a sudden change in the filming schedule, but he explained that he had asked for sufficient understanding from the students and that he had been diligent in supplementary classes.

The agency said, “I have never discriminated against students or used offensive language. Other suspicions are also unfounded,” he said. “Lee Beom-soo is responding faithfully to the school’s investigation to find out the truth.” “We intend to take strong legal action against the dissemination and dissemination of false information about the actor Lee Beom-soo.”

The full text of Lee Beom-soo’s agency position is as follows:

Hello. This is Big Punch Entertainment.

Regarding actor Lee Beom-soo’s teaching activities, we apologize for making you feel uncomfortable due to an unexpected controversy. We also apologize for causing this misunderstanding. Also, I apologize for revealing my position with a bad story.

To clear up any misunderstandings, here are the facts:

Actor Lee Beom-soo has been in the church since 2014 and has taught students for 8 years. As a result of discussing the timetable of the classes with the school, we received an answer from the school that it is possible to hold classes at weekends rather than during the week. Especially this year, there have been cases where classes could not be held during the week due to the filming schedule for one play and one film, and there were also cases where the Academic Office could not be notified of the schedule in advance due to a sudden change. in the filming schedule.

For this, I asked for adequate understanding from the students, and since then, I have been faithfully teaching through supplementary classes. We apologize for not being able to accommodate students’ individual study schedules. Also, if the communication with students regarding this part was poor, we will reflect on that and improve it.

However, I have never discriminated against students or verbally abused them. Other claims are also unfounded. Actor Lee Beom-soo faithfully responds to the school’s investigation to discover the truth. We have already clarified the facts and other parts through investigations, and we will cooperate faithfully in the future.

After that, we plan to take strong legal action against spreading and disseminating false information about actor Lee Beom-soo.

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