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On the 23rd of last month, a recording of the damage seen by the group Omega X being attacked and verbally attacked by Kang, the executive director of Spire Entertainment, was released and became controversial on the 23rd of last month. Although it appears to have been settled with the resignation of the agency representative, an OMEGA X official testifies that the critical problem has not been resolved.

This official told YTN Star that the culprit in this incident is not only Director Kang (CEO Kang), who is known to the media as the culprit. The official claimed, “He neglected the actual CEO of Spire Entertainment, Mr. Hwang (Chairman Hwang), and encouraged the attack and verbal abuse of CEO Kang.” The two are a real couple.

The YTN star was able to gain insight into the situation at the time when the ‘LA incident’ was reported in the media by getting the content of a Kakao Talk group chat room where Omega X members and Spire Entertainment officials participated.

CEO Kang: Don’t make more noise and let it go quietly.
Chairman Hwang: Representative Kang passed away. I am giving up everything now

It was a threat that CEO Kang would make an extreme choice for the members. Also on this day, CEO Kang sent pictures of his will to the members with the words, “I took sleeping pills.” Chairman Hwang agreed with Kang’s threats and pressured the members together.

A fight broke out over the return flight. The content was known to the public as the Omega X ‘retention rumour’ in the US. In the group chat room, CEO Kang said that all the members’ round-trip flights had been canceled, and Chairman Hwang informed the members that he would decide the return schedule on his own.

Chairman Hwang: I say that the chairman differs from the opinion of the members. This is not a place where I can receive phone calls from the parents of my members.

After reports of assault and verbal abuse and contact from parents worried about returning home, Chairman Hwang said in the group chat room: He also criticized the members by saying, “I get calls like this and explain why it’s not a big deal”, “I treat myself like this”, “I’ll think about the mental state of the members again”, “Get out as a member of OMEGA X,” and “I’m a crazy celebrity .”

One thing to pay attention to is the conversation that took place before the announcement of the agency’s position, which is known to have “resolved the misunderstanding” through the media. Chairman Hwang shared the content of the agency’s official position to be announced the next day on the evening of the 23rd (Korea time), and said that if it is not accepted, Omega X will be disbanded.

Chairman Hwang: The article is due tomorrow. Or the article about the end of the complete Omega X. Decide within 5 hours. And remember, I’m busy today because I’m having a birthday party.

The representative (chairman) of the agency, who should be held responsible for the situation, left the words, “I’m busy with the birthday party,” and forced the members to choose between agreeing to the official position or dissolve

“As chairman, I am responsible for managing as the largest shareholder” Chairman Hwang expressed his will to manage his own agency when announcing CEO Kang’s resignation. As announced in the press, Kang’s resignation was decided. However, the person concerned believes that “the situation will not be resolved as long as Chairman Kang’s husband and chief executive, Hwang, who neglected CEO Kang’s ‘gapjil’, is present. ”

“Anyone can go to Kang’s room” Even on the same day that reports of assault and verbal abuse were published, Chairman Hwang demanded an apology from the members to CEO Kang.

On the 11th, agency Spire Entertainment reconfirmed its position to YTN Star, saying, “It is true that CEO Kang has stepped down from the front line and resigned.” However, the members’ discomfort and distrust of Chairman Hwang continues. It remains to be seen whether the situation can be resolved with just CEO Kang’s resignation.

YTN star Jiwon Oh (bluejiwon@ytn.co.kr)

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