[Y현장] Lee Ha-nui and Lee Sun-kyun in ‘Killing Romance’… “The birth of unprecedented, unprecedented cinema” (comprehensive)

Unprecedented characters, unique genre. ‘Killing Romance’, a film that did not exist in the world, is coming to the audience.

The production report of the film ‘Killing Romance’ was held today (24th) at 11 am at the entrance of Lotte University Cinema Konkuk in Seoul. Director Lee Won-seok, who was in charge of directing, and actors Lee Ha-nui, Lee Sun-kyun, and Bae Yoo-ram attended the premiere and the production briefing and talked about the work.

‘Killing Romance’ is about one of the world’s leading stars ‘Yeo-rae’ (Lee Ha-nui) who fell in fatal love with the island conglomerate ‘Jonathan’ (Lee Sun-kyun) and suddenly announced his retirement, meets ‘Bum-woo’ (Gong Myung), a student from the 3rd fan club, and sets up an extraordinary comeback strategy, a film depicting a story being imitated.

Lee Ha-nui plays a star who boasts the best beauty of the age, and at the same time anticipates a transformation with comic acting that provokes parody and bold gestures that are not afraid to be broken. Lee Seon-kyun draws attention with the most profound visual transformation among the filmography accumulated over 20 years. In addition, unlike his high looks, Gong Myung is divided into a character that is too pure and stuffy.

On this day, Mr. Lee Ha-nui, “A story that did not exist in the world, a work of a genre that did not exist in the world was born. I had a strong desire that this kind of story would come out into the world. It was an adventure and a challenge, but I had a strong desire to do it. I am so curious to see how the audience will react to this film. The film is not one-sided, but a communicative genre, and I wonder what part the public will like in a film like this,” anticipating the birth of a different work.

Lee Sun-gyun replied, “The genre is directed by Lee Won-seok,” and said that ‘Killing Romance’ is a never-before-seen film that breaks all existing formulas. “It seems a genre, story, color, and composition that I’ve never seen before. It was work that was happier and more enjoyable than any other position. I wonder if that kind of happiness will be well communicated to the audience,” raising expectations.

Bae Yu-ram also said, “It’s an original work that makes you want to buy eyes that haven’t seen the movie. After watching this work, I think I will become ‘inside’. I’m sure many viewers will be watching the N car.”

Director Lee said, “This is a film that is neither real nor real. He said, “It’s a work that didn’t exist in the world,” and “It’s a work that has a lot of fun watching actors.”

‘Killing Romance’ is expected to be released on April 14th.

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