“Yad” writes in the sink to find “Pinky”, but the other party has not responded. Having a stressed husband, being linked to Nomini “Apirak”

Full germination work in case of list “Cloud, Rama, Rasmirama” husband actress “Yad Yadthip Rajapal” Ownership of Unit No. 61/125, Floor 36-37, Building No. A, Condominium name “ROYCE Private Residences”, price over 245 million baht, which the Proceedings Committee in the Anti-Corruption and Money Laundering Commission (AMLO) has ordered over attachment turn because it is property related to the commission of a crime related to “Apirak Kodhi” People who want to deceive people in the case of Forex-3D scams are coming out to make many people understand that Mek Rama, her husband Yad, is a nominee who received the transfer of assets from Apirak until Mek Rama had to issue an explanation letter on hurry that is not true

Recently, Yadthip has come out to reveal this story through the unfolding list. Willing to disclose to close friends “Pinky Savika Chaiyadej” Speaking before the other party was sent to jail for a day admits it was shocking too. but know the news with everyone

“I didn’t leave work before. it didn’t go out We are quite sensitive. like ours too We don’t want to talk too much about Pinky, he is very close friends. The last time I spoke to Ki One day before he went to prison Recently we do youtube together and after 3-4 months we meet quite often. Because we make an appointment to talk about work, edit a lot of things, talk to each other for several days a week. because they make youtube together I just made a few tapes myself. This happened. The night before it was sent We were still talking about work.

There was quite a lot of social current asking for icicles at that time. But I know everyone. Knowing from the news that came out with everyone, when I knew it, I was shocked. he says nothing The feeling of being overwhelmed At that time, answer as a friend, from news or crime. or various lawsuits Yad understood that. But let’s answer in the feelings of a friend first. We are scared, we don’t know what happened. But ask the people who are close to you Pee Tae, Manager Ki, who nobody knows anything about. We didn’t know what was going to happen at the time, we knew everything through the news.”

Write a letter to Pinky. But the other party has still not responded.
“After I went to prison. from that day until today He could only write and send it to where he lives. But it’s online. It is a system of prisons that still writes and sends. But I still don’t have an answer. I can do just that. It’s been a month now I didn’t know anything else. get a chance to talk to the visitors But don’t answer. because Yad himself had not been named as a person to visit. He must be the person who gave to be great.”

I Pinky is the one who finds her husband “Mek Rama”.
“The moment after the current came out There is a lot of information that is not true. Not true enough Totally distorted As Phi Mek, we know each other through our close friends. Our two best friends are a group we meet almost every week. It’s not about Kiki at all. Not in the entertainment industry cloud friend and a friend recommended Yad outside the circle Since we have been with Mek for 4 years, Mek has met Kie 2-3 times, and Meh Zhekee is Yad’s birthday party . where friends come in big groups he hardly knew without meeting When I see you, I’m going out to meet you

Actually, Yat has been close with Ki since childhood. work together But there is a period where we are apart because we are in different channels. But we will meet at the event. But we didn’t have a personal hangout. Until he gets divorced and returns to work, his house and condo are not far away. Sometimes he calls and asks what he’s doing, where he’s going, if he comes out and meets him so he won’t be alone, so they start getting back together . But the show we did together just started doing 3 eps.”

Disappointed when talking about condos but insisted that her husband bought it before Apirak was arrested and that they had never known each other before.
“About the condo, I was terrified. …Condo gwr It belonged to Apirak before. This is correct But the information he wrote The rest is incorrect, there are many of them. It must be explained that this condo, Mek’s husband, Yat, was bought before a person called Apirak was arrested and prosecuted, or before he fled to a foreign country.

At that time, Brother Mek would buy a condo. We looked for bigger condos. and then we look at the location We looked at three or four penthouses. A broker has come to offer us. And the room is here too. We went to see it. In the end, we like it here. Because the location is good, when he likes this place, P’ Mek goes to the condo. There is a broker who has everything. Id and Apirak were born, I had never met. never known personally I found out because it was news. As for Mek, I didn’t know Apirak before. they are not friends he never met Until P’ Mek bought this condo. he went to see and found this person who is the owner, he got him through as he opened the room for you to see. Everything is seen and traded through a broker. After that, P’ Mek will only buy it when handing over the room and meet again in the Land Department. That’s all.”

Considered a very strong nominee. The news will last for a long time Fear of long term impact on children
“Nominee is said to be Aphirak. very strong news It is not at all. And it affects many things. As Yat explains, her husband did not know personally. and we also confirmed when we bought We buy everything legally. There is evidence to prove everything that can be verified. Buying period, we buy first. At the time of buying the owner of the old room, he was still a legal worker. We did not know that a day had passed. The house we were going to buy one day passed, this owner was hit with a case of fraud. Then it turned out to be a link to whether we buy thieves or not. Is it a nominee? which is not at all

It affects a lot now. One is a state of mind. because there are many waves There have been many waves in many stories, the second affects the children because of some pages, some offices, some news headlines He made his headlines by putting down a picture of a child, a picture of a husband, a child’s picture, and a caption in the picture. and then use the words we are nominees or we are criminals in forex cases and Yad felt this news has been around for a long time Id still be a kid It will affect him in the long term, his name, his face, will live with this news. With our family committing the crime, and we hadn’t really done that.”

They can live, but cannot resell until the process is complete.
“We can live in a condo right now. Now, let’s be honest, we have an explanation. The documentary evidence we have discussed is fine. But legally, it’s frozen.reserved here This means that we are prohibited from further selling to others. Yad’s Husband can’t sell to anyone right now, but we’re fine. until the process is complete. If it is only about us The DSI also came out and said that neither I nor my husband were involved in the case. That is, if it’s just about us. Yad didn’t feel this serious or stressed. But now we are very stressed. It’s about family. Having a child and having a family We felt it had a huge impact.”

The news is stressful for her husband to confirm his innocence
“Pe Mek runs a hotel business. and real estate Most of them are in Phuket. He rarely goes out to the media. He has some social media. but haven’t uploaded anything To this day, he’s still shy about taking pictures. When the news first came out He wondered how it related to him. Because he didn’t read much news about the industry, the first day was confusing, the second day the news started getting harder. From confusing to stressful He never met. to get his own name in the news like this He is not in the entertainment industry.

To be honest, Yad didn’t want to come out and say much. as there are two One is the feeling of friendship. Two issues of legal proceedings, we understand the legal process. We sympathize with the victims as well. three about our family who came out to speak today because it affects our family very hard Some people may not read all the news. It may read the headline and have a long term impact on your family and children. So he came out to explain I can assure you that our family is not connected in any way to forex-3D. The condo we buy is legal. before the owner gets a case of fraud out Confirm that we are innocent.

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