[Yahoo Focus heddiw]Is that you? Spending 125 yuan invoice earned tens of millions

Yahoo’s focus today is “are you? 125 yuan invoice expenditure earned tens of millions“The top 10 news stories with the most attention and discussion among netizens today are as follows:

★ Is that you? 125 yuan invoice spending earned tens of millions

In September and October 2011, the special prizes of tens of millions of yuan were announced in consolidated invoices today.. Laierfu announced a set of special prizes of NT$10 million in this issue.. 125 yuan to buy…

★ The ban will be on the way: the inventory becomes garbage

From 1 December this year, Beishi banned “disposable” plastic cups. The trader complained that they had already ordered plastic cups from the manufacturer in the middle of the year, but now there is still a large amount of inventory, and it is too late to spend before the deadline…

★ Opening the letter from American University to Gao Hongan expressing her heart

Dr Gao Hongan, Hsinchu People’s Party mayoral candidate, has a controversial dissertation She published a reply letter from the University of Cincinnati on Facebook today. The content drew attention to the fact that, after review and confirmation by the relevant committee members, there no inappropriate behavior in the submission process…

★ Balloon shooting demanded 5,200 yuan from the public authority

Consumers at Huayuan Night Market in Tainan spent as much as 5,200 yuan on balloon checkouts, which attracted attention from all walks of life. Some people also raised similar experiences in the community; Tainan City Government sent inspections last night and found…

★ Zhang Zhongmou: Many countries are jealous and envious of Taiwan

Zhang Zhongmou became the representative of APEC leaders in Taiwan for the sixth time. In addition to interacting with the leaders of the two major countries of the United States and China, from his local international press conference in Thailand to his talk in Taiwan, he in everything about semiconductors and even TSMC…

★ The Taiwan Institute of Economics said bluntly: This election is different

Taiwan’s 26th is the voting day for the Nine-in-One General Election and the referendum referendum on constitutional reform. Although the nature of a local election, Zhang Jian, president of the Taiwan Institute of Economics, has always said “this time is different” , and believe that Europe and the United States are keeping a close eye on changes in Taiwan’s political sector….. .<Full text>

★ Yin Xiyue warns: Do not take the supply chain hostage

South Korean President Yin Xiyue warned on the 24th local time that the government may intervene to stop a nationwide truck drivers’ strike. He says it is illegal to hold the nation’s supply chain “hostage” during an economic crisis…

★ Clash at the summit!Putin explodes and throws a pen

There was a clash at the summit between the Organization of the Mutual Security Treaty, led by Russia, because the Prime Minister of Armenia, Pashinyan refused to sign the document, the Russian President Vladimir Putin exploded directly into anger…

★ “Turn down thousands of tables of business” lament the national security crisis

After fighting for almost 3 years and looking forward to unblocking the border, Pan Siliang, chairman of Regent Hotel Group, said yesterday that foreign tourists have grown 3 to 4 times in the near future. It is estimated that business tourists will return second half of next year, and the general recovery of tourism will not be until 2024….. .<Full text>

★ Lai Yueqian: Taiwan lost the best opportunity in 30 years

The relationship between China and the United States has eased after the Xi Jinping meeting. People from all walks of life expect that the relationship between the two countries will only go from bad to worse. “Disengaging” and “de- globalization” is inevitable. .<Full text>

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