Yamaguchi Abu municipal government erroneous transfer of benefits Settlement between town and defendant in civil trial | NHK

The town of Abu, Yamaguchi Prefecture, has been accused of transferring government benefits to another account in the problem of mistakenly transferring government benefits. In the civil trial, a settlement was reached on the 22nd on the condition that the defendant apologize and will pay more than 3.47 million yen as settlement money.

Defendant Sho Taguchi, 24, of Abu Town, Yamaguchi Prefecture, was charged with transferring 46.3 million yen in temporary government special benefit, transferred from the town by mistake, to a payment agency account, knowing it had been deposited mistakenly ■ He has been accused of fraud of use.

Although the town recovered almost all of the wrongfully transferred money, it also filed a civil lawsuit demanding that the defendant pay the 4,850,000 yen, including attorney’s fees.

In this trial, on the 22nd, a settlement was reached on the condition that the defendant apologize to the town and residents and pay more than 3.47 million yen as settlement money.

According to the defendant’s lawyer, the settlement money will be in the form of allocating the 3.47 million yen that the defendant borrowed and deposited with the Legal Affairs Office to repay the damage.

On the other hand, in the criminal trial, the first trial will be held on the 5th of next month.

Defendant’s Solicitor ‘A Better Solution’

Daisuke Yamada, the defendant’s lawyer, said that the settlement had been reached. I think it will be an opportunity to start again. The defendant also wanted to apologize for causing trouble to the town and the residents, so he said that he glad that a settlement was reached on the condition of an apology.” I was.

Mayor Hanada of Abu Town “Big break”

Regarding the settlement, Norihiko Hanada, mayor of Abu Town, Yamaguchi Prefecture, said, “I sincerely apologize to the people of the town and all the people who have caused trouble and worry about this incident. We will take measures to prevent from happening again in the future. At the same time, with today’s ‘reconciliation’ being a major milestone, we will dispel the dark image that has arisen from the incident, and the mayor and staff will work with each other to take a big and powerful step towards starting again.” I posted a comment.

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