Yang Jun-il, suspected of illegal operation of an agency following suspicions of tax evasion and military service … Han Mae-yeon police accusation

(Source = Yang Jun-il SNS)

Singer Yang Jun-il was accused of running an unregistered agency this time amid controversy.

According to the music industry on the 29th, the Korea Management Association filed a complaint with the Seocho Police Station in Seoul on the 28th for violating the Popular Culture and Arts Industry Development Act.

Previously, Yang Jun-il was suspected of refunds by fans, such as using a borrowed-name account when selling the photo book, failing to properly issue a refund, and receiving money only through account transfer. In the process, some fans took issue with Yang Jun-il’s qualification to run an agency, and it spread to suspicions of illegal operation.

Accordingly, the Management Federation launched a police complaint against Yang Joon-il’s one-man agency, ‘XB’. As a result of the confirmation, it was revealed that the agency did not go through the normal registration procedure stipulated by the law.

In order to operate an entertainment agency, it must first be registered with the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism. To do this, they must be engaged in the relevant industry for at least two years or complete a training course at a facility stipulated by Ordinance of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. However, ‘XB’ did not go through this registration process.

An official from the company said, “Entertainment agencies can only conduct related business only if they register as a pop culture and arts planning business. Yang Joon-il’s agency did not comply with this,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Yang Jun-il debuted in the music industry in 1991, but returned to the United States in 1993 without seeing the light. Since then, he has been enjoying his second heyday through JTBC’s ‘Sugar Man 3’ in 2019, but has recently been embroiled in various allegations such as tax evasion, military service evasion, and illegal operation of the agency.



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