Home Entertainment Yang Ming, Cao Yonglian and others in the “Times” trailer released, saying they want to be “vigilant to the new generation”, are allowed to display the Athlon uniforms | Position Report | Position News

Yang Ming, Cao Yonglian and others in the “Times” trailer released, saying they want to be “vigilant to the new generation”, are allowed to display the Athlon uniforms | Position Report | Position News

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Yang Ming, a TVB entertainer who had supported the police during the anti-send last year, starred in the actor of the movie “Time”. News has been reported as early as July. The film has been released with a movie trailer, and the footage used scenes of protests in the anti-send, and there are dialogues such as “For you to go to college, scare, there is no good person to go and be a thug?” and so on. The filming team also stated that it was “fortunate” to have the police approval to display the “Athlon Team” uniform in the movie.

However, there are words on the trailer that refer to the release of “September 7”, but the film has not been seen so far. “Stance News” has sent a letter to the company for inquiries, and a reply is still pending.

“Time” is produced and invested by “Time Film Production Company”. According to the company’s website, the story tells the story of a tea restaurant. The plot includes “news reporters facing the pressure of a large number of false news information”, “the brainwashing influence of foreign forces” and so on. The introduction of the film said, “Hong Kong needs urgent changes to get back on track.”

The website also talked about the creative concept in detail, referring to the violent behavior of the anti-transmission movement, which is “heartbreaking”, and that the movement “involves the Hong Kong independence movement, and is also a departure from the “Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China” and “One Country, Two Systems” Principle violations.” “Our company has noticed many injustices in society, unreasonable smears of the Hong Kong police by the public, untrue reports and records, etc.”, so we hope to “be alert to the new generation” through the film.

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The film also mentioned, “Fortunately to be approved by the Hong Kong Police Public Relations Branch to be able to show the uniforms of the special tactical squad (commonly known as the “Speed ​​Dragon Squad”) in the film. It is hoped that the film can change the misunderstanding of the public and support Hong Kong. Policemen.

Demonstrations can be seen in the movie trailer, and there are shots of throwing petrol bombs. Among them, Zhuang Siming, who was a trainee reporter for the act, said, “I will say what I see,” and instructed the threat actors to beat the police. In particular, the general trailer usually has a complete ending, but this trailer suddenly ends after Yang Ming, who plays the policeman, said “introducing the new equipment”, as if the dialogue has not been finished.

​According to the information of the Film, Newspapers and Articles Administration Office (Television Inspection Office), the English name of “Times” is WE CONNECT, the level is IIB, “Crime depiction and minor violence scenes”, the director is Zhai Junwei, according to the company of “Times” On the website, Zhai Junwei is good at composing songs. He is Wu Guojing’s apprentice. He held his first solo concert “Aden and Friends” in 2019. Guests include Wu Guojing, Ai Wei, JB, Wu Xiuming, Fang Shaocong, etc.

Earlier, Yang Ming was asked if he wanted to develop a “blue economic circle.” He replied: “We don’t seem to have a color circle in our business. We are just the entertainment circle.” Cao Yonglian and Zhuang Simin emphasized that the content of the film is “very neutral.” “We bring out a kind of thought that is more normal. I hope everyone will be happy and Hong Kong will be more harmonious and not torn.”

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