Yang Ming: Shanxi will create a lot of trouble for Liaoning, Guo Ailun can play without any problems jqknews

Original title: Yang Ming: Shanxi will create a lot of trouble for Liaoning, Guo Ailun can play without injury

On April 6th, Beijing time, the CBA playoffs will start in the 8th and 4th stages. The first game will be the regular season champion Liaoning men’s basketball team against Shanxi men’s basketball team. Liaoning coach Yang Ming said in an interview with the media before the game that Shanxi It will cause a lot of trouble to Liaoning, and it is revealed that Guo Ailun is not seriously injured.

Yang Ming first affirmed the strength of Shanxi men’s basketball team. In the 12-to-8 stage, he also came to the sidelines to watch the game with his team members. Yang Ming said: “The strength of the top eight teams is similar now, and through our analysis of Shanxi every game, Indeed, this team is very unique. The defense is very fierce, especially the rebounding, including the physical strength of the defense. Attacking it is also the only one in the CBA. This kind of running and shooting, pick-and-roll, a bunch of shooters on the outside, plus shooting and stealing , so this team will cause us a lot of trouble from both offensive and defensive ends, but we have always made corresponding arrangements for these characteristics of them step by step.”

Yang Ming also said that playing on the spot is the most important thing: “For the top four teams, one of the biggest problems is that there is no game for a long time, so our adaptation to the game, especially the start tomorrow (April 7) is indeed relatively good. important.”

After a long break to prepare for the game, although the feeling of the game may be affected, the good thing is that the team has enough time to restore the injury to the players. “Our team does have more injuries after the third stage, and the stability of the third stage is relatively poor. Everyone is in the stage of recovery. This buffer period is of great benefit to everyone’s physical recovery, especially for Shanxi. A team with a very fast offensive and defensive rhythm. We play with many people, and we must have plenty of physical fitness and physical confrontation. We are also prepared for this. Now the team is in relatively good condition, and the rest depends on the test of the game. Yes.” Yang Ming said.

The reporter finally asked Guo Ailun’s injury and whether he could play in the game. Yang Ming’s answer was very simple: “No problem.” Previously, Guo Shao did not play in the last three games of the regular season due to injury. (Editor: Zuder)Return to Sohu, see more


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