Yang Yoseob, the reason for the absurd school violence victim… “I was beaten like crazy for being cute”

picture explanationSinger Yang Yoseob confessed to the school violence. photo| youtube capture

Group Highlight member Yang Yoseob confessed to school violence and revealed the absurd reason.

Yang Yoseob, while communicating with fans through a live broadcast on Instagram on the 3rd, confessed that he suffered from school violence, saying, “I remember being beaten once when I was a freshman in middle school.”

Yang Yoseob recalled, “I was playing soccer with my friends and the sun was setting and we were going home, when a group approached and surrounded us. I was taken to the west and my friends to the north and east. I was beaten without knowing why.”

He continued, “I was very worried about my friends, but they were all fine.

I was the only one who was beaten.” “The next day, I heard the story behind the incident from my friends. They said I was beaten because I was cute,” he revealed the absurd reason.

At that time, a female student who was in the perpetrators group looked at Yang Yoseob and said, “It’s cute.”

Yang Yoseob recalled the time when he was embarrassed, saying, “I was so embarrassed to hear that, so I just stayed there” and “(the reason for the assault) was so ridiculous that no one would believe it.”

Netizens who saw this broadcast responded, “It’s so ridiculous. To hit you for being cute”, “Severe punishment for school violence for any reason is necessary”, etc.

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