Yangmingshan rescues the seriously injured dog!The acid man angered Cao Ge’s swear words with “one sentence”

(Photo/Retrieved from Cao Ge’s Facebook)

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Cao Ge, the 41-year-old golden song king, married his wife Wu Suling in 2008. After marriage, he has a pair of babies, Joe and Grace (Baozimei). In 2014, Cao Ge took the children to participate in Lu Zong’s “Where Are You Going Dad 2” and was well received. My dad is drunk by his children, and his popularity has risen with the tide. However, recently Cao Ge suddenly swears swearing on the Internet and went to war with netizens.

Cao Ge posted on Facebook yesterday (12th) night, “Who hit the dog in Yangmingshan and ran away! His X…2:30 pm The dog was in the middle of the road! Wait for death! You won’t show up! Police photographed It’s not good for you to play TV on TV! Contact us yourself! X!” and posted relevant information about the location of the incident. At that time, Cao Ge was almost bitten in order to save the injured dog. He rushed to the animal hospital for treatment.

(Photo/Retrieved from Cao Ge's Facebook)
(Photo/Retrieved from Cao Ge’s Facebook)

After an X-ray examination, the veterinarian said that the dog’s spine was misaligned by more than 70%, and there was also a pneumothorax. Acute sudden death may occur within 3 to 5 days. Even if the operation can be performed to save his life, he may not be able to stand after surgery. If you get up, even the excretion function will be affected. On the doctor’s advice, if the dog’s pneumothorax condition allows, Cao Ge will take it to the orthopedic hospital for treatment.

It was originally a kind act, but some acid people choked underneath, “Who blames me if I don’t hold the rope”, and instantly ignited Cao Ge’s anger. The TAG netizen frantically replied, “It’s not right to hit and run away.” “Shut up.” After that, he also took a screenshot of Suanmin’s personal Facebook page, and directly exposed it on the fan. “Fate is not fate? You keyboardist, I’ll hit you in the face with X and come out. !”

Cao Ge’s anger went out of control, and he frantically verbally told Suanmin to come out to face him, frightening other netizens to reassure other netizens, but seeing that Cao Ge was not easy to provoke, then he also apologized and said that he was out of context. Cao Ge responded: I’m sorry, I’m too impulsive, I hope I won’t see you in the short term, or I will commit a crime!” Although Cao Ge was angry, everyone was very grateful to him for his courage to save the poor dog.



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