Home Entertainment Yao Lookyee opens the path of life. Selling air conditioner to Father Thep Until entering the industry, Mum is a joke.

Yao Lookyee opens the path of life. Selling air conditioner to Father Thep Until entering the industry, Mum is a joke.

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Very funny, Yao Luk Yee opens the path of life. From salesperson to famous comedian Selling air conditioners to Father Thep Pho-ngam until he entered the industry. Mum Jokmok was a joke.

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famous comedy Long Luk Yee who visited the list Tom Yum Amarin, produced by CHANGE2018, tells the story that it’s not easy to get into the comedy industry. Life goes through many trials and obstacles. But when it came in, it wasn’t even funny. Started as a store boy in the band. Until one day, having the opportunity to show off his comedy talent never let that opportunity slip away.

The leg-flicking dance was done by accident. Or from what we think? “It just came to my mind. When we do another dance Others have already danced a lot. Which this posture can be thought of when in front of the stage This leg shake We felt that we danced and it was funny, so we’ve been dancing ever since.”

In addition to the unique dance moves, it also mimics the voices of famous people. Many in Thailand, especially Suthichai Yun? “Yes, because we like to read news. And we like him to read the news too. We came to joke, we took his brother’s voice to speak. We don’t need to practice this sound at all. Until P’ Suthichai Yun has contacted me, I want to meet him already. He then sent us to his newsroom to imitate his voice. When we actually met him, we were really excited. And he let us disguise ourselves as him and answer the call, whether the caller from our house would be able to detect that it wasn’t him. But the person who called him knew that it was us.”

and another person at Nam Yao Another person who can imitate the voice is Mr. Wachiramedhi? “Once there was a flood in Ubon Ratchathani. Then I went to help with the Ruam Kuayyu Foundation and stayed there for 3 months and then V. Wachiramedhi went to preach to the CEOs. We’ve loved your voice ever since.”

In addition to sound imitation Na Yao can also go to Isaan? “We grew up with this already. Aunt Yao was ordained as a novice. And then there was a period of merit making of Phra Vessantara in all 13 types. We practiced the source from memorization. The 13 types of Vessantara Buddha images

Na Yao has many abilities like this. have to go back and get to know What did you do before coming to this point? “Since we have always been in the world of Dharma because we have been ordained since childhood When we grow up, we feel and come to Bangkok. Attached to my uncle’s ten-wheel truck that sent cassava from Yasothon to Chonburi Then we came to Bangkok to find work, and we had the opportunity to work as a salesperson in a department store. air conditioner sales We sell until the warehouse runs out. Because our sales methods are unique. We make a total of 4-5 million per month for the company. But because we go to claim that our air conditioner is guaranteed for 10 years. Really, it’s just one year. because we are afraid that our sales will fall

So the manager called us for training that you can’t say this. You have to tell the customer truthfully, 1 year warranty is 1 year, not tell them 10 years because customers call a lot of complaints. That was the first time the manager called and he called again. Aunt Yao is not yet scared. The second time he was called again. The third time was moved from Pata to the Mall. We still say the same thing, that is, we are not afraid, but in the end we resigned in order to join the comedy group, Aunt Mam and Papa Thep, because at that time they were in the same group.”

Then how did you get to know Papa Thep? “We are salespeople in the mall. At that time, the god I came to buy air conditioner but I didn’t get it. I was told that it was 10 years, but it was 20 years (laughs) and my father didn’t believe it. Let’s see the warranty card. He said that we said strange, but he bought one device at that time. because he intends to buy At that time, we asked for the package link number. And that was the beginning that made us step into the industry. But at the beginning we weren’t funny at all. be a hoarder We chose to leave the sales career as a comedian because of the persuasion from Aunt Mam. Then the money would have been better. and the other is the same person as well. And we would like to come out to the outside world. The duty of Nam Yao who started coming in was serving coffee, serving tea to Nam Yao, then wigs, cymbals, cymbals and drums, that is, Na Yao was the one who had to collect them all.”

So what made Aunt Yao take the stage for a joke? “Because there is a lack of players, we go up to add some. Aunt Mam also teaches. Funny people who are embarrassed, let them get naked, leaving only their underwear. Walked up to the stage and walked past and then went down the stage. Some people just run away and come back to take it off. But it also gives us the courage to dare to act more.”

But many people wonder why they stayed with Pi Ma, but went to use Yao Lookyee, why did they use Yong Luk Yee’s last name? “I have to say this, I have been with P’ Ma for 4-5 years, and then Khun Yong Luk-yee came to ask Aunt Yao and P’ Mam. P’ Ma called us to talk about whether we wanted to go with him or not. But if you’re with Mum He has a lot of work, so we’ll have a job. But if we want to go, go But if gone, nothing will come back. This is what the boss said. Aunt Yao decided to go with Aunt Yong. (I have to say that there were a lot of comedy cafes at that time.) The reason for going was because Mom had a lot of staff members at that time, 18 people, which we thought that if we split up to see.

But we didn’t think that there would be any chance. But because we liked it, we gave it a try. It has been around for up to 10 years, when we were with Aunt Yong. We still have nothing, the house is still rented. Still have to drive to work. So we said goodbye to Aunt Yong without knowing that we would come out and open our own group. which we seemed to measure at that time what he would say which Khun Yong held his breath for a bit and tears fell. And then we hugged and cried. because we don’t want to be apart which we do not have anything wrong with anything But Aunt Yao wants to go out and make our own team because it’s a lot of work. And then we want to set ourselves up. I want to have my own house So came to form a group.”

which has resulted in the name of Yao Lookyee being one of the names of the top comedians of Thailand to this day. And now there is a complete family with 4 children? “At first there were only 3 people, but the fourth person seemed to be Aunt Yao’s crossbreed. Now his daughter has his talent. He plays TIKTOK. There are about 4 hundred thousand followers. He will sing and dance. and then he will sell the goods therein. Then my daughter took our picture and someone contacted me and my son to review the product. Which we do because it has an income coming up. And everything that goes down is the idea of ​​our children and we support. I leave anyone who wants to contact. Bai Sri Su Kwan Nak, Lai Isan, weddings, sacrifices and all events, you can contact me at 081-554-1704 or via Facebook: Suksan Chaimart or Yao Lookyee.”

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