Yat Kwai House, Kwai Chung Village, hits an epidemic

Yat Kwai House, Kwai Chung Village, hits an epidemic

A major outbreak of the disease occurred in Yat Kwai House, Kwai Chung Village. At least 16 people in the building were infected with the disease, including a security guard who had been on duty early. The case lived on 11 different floors and 12 different sitting units. The University of Hong Kong Microbiology who is also an expert consultant to the government Yuan Guoyong, a professor of the department, after inspecting the housing estate last night (20th), believes that the building will be closed for three consecutive nights for forced inspection, and all residents are required to be tested every day before they can go out. However, Xu Shuchang, another government expert consultant and chair professor of the Department of Respiratory System at CUHK, said on the radio program this morning (21st) that the relevant testing efforts were insufficient, and all residents of Yikui Building should be prohibited from entering and leaving for 3 days, and the government should send supplies on their behalf to ensure that After a certain period of time, the test results are negative before they can go out to community activities.

Xu said that it is believed that the public areas of Yak Kwai Building, such as the lobby and the garbage room, are likely to be polluted extensively. It is best for the residents of the building to be confined for 3 days, but it is estimated that the government does not have enough manpower to deal with it, and the quarantine center does not have enough space for the entire building. To evacuate, he appealed to the residents of Yikui Building not to go out to work for the time being as much as possible. He also believes that government departments can take the lead and let civil servants in charge of non-emergency services work from home, and he believes that private enterprises will follow.

The children of the confirmed kindergarten teacher and the Pakistani woman met in the tunnel at Exit A of Mei Foo MTR Station for about 9 seconds last Friday (14th), and were suspected of being infected. Xu Shuchang said that the virus genes of the two people are 100% the same. Exit A of the Meifu MTR station is the only known contact opportunity at present, and it is certain that the virus will spread within 9 seconds. He pointed out that although the two people wore masks, droplets with a thickness of 5 microns could pass through the masks, and there were vacancies on both sides of the masks. The droplets could also contaminate the surface of the masks or spread directly through the eyes. It is estimated that short-range airborne transmission will occur. You can wear 2 masks and flat glasses.



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