YB Yoon Do-hyun and Park Se-ri Open Up About Overcoming Cancer and Achieving Success in ‘You Quiz on the Block’ Chuseok Special

YB Yoon Do-hyun and Park Se-ri appeared as guests on the Chuseok special episode of tvN’s ‘You Quiz on the Block’. During the show, Yoon Do-hyun opened up about his experience of overcoming a rare cancer diagnosis. Last August, he surprised everyone by revealing on social media that he had been battling cancer for the past three years, but had successfully recovered. Yoon Do-hyun expressed his gratitude for the outpouring of support he received from fans and emphasized the importance of staying healthy for his music career. He recounted the moment he received the diagnosis and how it took time for him to come to terms with it. He revealed that he had kept his illness a secret from his parents to avoid worrying them. Despite his health struggles, Yoon Do-hyun continued to be active in his radio and music commitments. He spoke about the challenges he faced and how he managed to push through them. Yoon Do-hyun also explained why he chose not to disclose his illness earlier, as he was concerned about the impact it would have on his band members and company. Furthermore, he shared his journey of recovery on social media to inspire and support other cancer patients.

In addition to Yoon Do-hyun, Korean golf legend Park Se-ri also made an appearance on the show. She talked about how she initially got into golf and her journey to becoming a professional player. Park Se-ri shared stories of her early successes and her determination to prove herself in the male-dominated world of golf. She also discussed the challenges she faced after reaching the peak of her career. Despite a difficult period, Park Se-ri remained resilient and continued to pursue her passion for the sport.

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[OSEN=지민경 기자] YB Yoon Do-hyun and Pak Se-ri appeared in the Chuseok special of ‘You Quiz on the Block’.

Yoon Do-hyun and Park Se-ri appeared as guests on tvN’s ‘You Quiz on the Block’, which aired on the afternoon of the 27th.

On this day, Dohyun Yoon talked about the process of overcoming after being diagnosed with a rare cancer. Last August, Yoon Do-hyun surprised everyone by announcing on social media that he had been suffering from cancer for the past three years and had been completely cured.

He was diagnosed with a rare cancer, a type of lymphoma. “About six months after the treatment, the doctor said congratulations that the cancer cells had completely disappeared, “I had no idea there would be so many articles. So many people contacted me, and I felt once again that many people cared about me and loved me. “Thank you,” he said.

He said, “I have had a health check every year. Because you have to be healthy to make music. I always received the results in writing without any problems. At that time, I was waiting to receive the results in writing, but the hospital called and said they would like me to come to the hospital to hear the results. “I said something bad would come out and I would have to say it in person, but my heart was already racing,” he recalled at the time.

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He continued, “I went to the hospital thinking it couldn’t be cancer, but they said it was cancer. I was very surprised at that moment. “This is what it means to be embarrassed. My mind went blank,” he said. “But fortunately, it was found at an early stage, and although it was a rare cancer, it was curable with treatment, so they said I should try my best.” The process started 5 years ago. It’s hard to find. “When we traced it, we found that it had been developing little by little for five years before it was discovered,” he explained.

He said that it has only been a while since he said to his parents, “Don’t you worry a lot about your children? We couldn’t possibly tell you. I continued to cover it up carefully and treat it with first line medication, but I told my parents I was going out to play. They said it would go away in the first treatment, but it didn’t go away, so I felt frustrated and worried. The first treatment failed, and I cautiously decided to do the second treatment with radiation therapy. “I had no choice but to tell you then because it could be hard on my body,” she said.

Even while battling illness, he was active in radio and music shows, saying, “Radio was something I couldn’t miss. Because it becomes known naturally. When I was treated, I informed the radio staff. It can be difficult for a month. “I said, ‘You can do radio, don’t worry,’ and I had to have treatment at the right time every day, so I had treatment in the morning, had lunch, and then went to radio,” he said. “It was fine at first, but as time went by, my body started to receive signals. I had difficulty digesting food, I was vomiting, and I felt extremely tired. When I finish radio, I feel exhausted. “It was hard on my body then,” he admitted.

Yoon Do-hyun said, “After time passed and I gained the will to accept it and complete treatment, it wasn’t that difficult. So I did a lot of activities. We also held a rock festival and performed solo in 17 cities for 6 months. “I worked really hard,” he said.

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Regarding the reason why he did not reveal that he was suffering from cancer, he said, “I thought that if I revealed that I was a cancer patient, damage could be caused to the members and the company of because of me I would probably have to give up on my schedule, so I thought about it a lot. Medicine and radiation treatment were difficult. My voice didn’t come out well when I was on the radio. To overcome it, I kept eating while listening to the radio, and I got through it. Aren’t there many people with cancer while on the radio? When people like that send me their stories, I really sympathize with them, so the comments were very sincere. “In the end, I said what I wanted to hear,” he said.

He revealed that he has improved on social media to give strength to cancer patients. He said, “I’ve been through this myself, so I know you’ll probably have a hard time and be emotionally depressed while receiving treatment, but if time is the same, I thought no it would be better to spend the time with a positive mind.” Many patients left comments. I spent several days looking at the comments and responding to them. Knowing that feeling, I couldn’t help but reply. I also feel that the better the support and support grows, the better the results. “It must be hard for you with your family by your side, so I hope you can all cheer together.”

In addition, Yoon Do-hyun sang ‘Love Two’, ‘Oh Victory Korea’, and ‘I Must Have Loved’ without accompaniment, and also conveyed hope by performing ‘White Whale’, which has a deep meaning for him.

Next, Korean golf legend Pak Se-ri appeared. As for why she started playing golf, she said, “I’m the second daughter and the only one of three sisters who liked sports. When I was in the third grade of elementary school, I ran track and field on the track and field team, and went to middle school after receiving an offer to be scouted for the track and field team. However, my dad suggested I try golf when I was in 6th grade. “I took him to the golf course and asked him to play, but he wasn’t interested at the time,” he recalled.

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He continued, “But my father’s friend took me to watch a golf tournament and introduced me to student athletes. A spark of unknown origin flew out. I thought I should give it a try and get started. I am very greedy. I thought I would always be the best, no matter what I chose. “I started because I was inspired by my peers,” he added.

Se-ri Pak, who made her name by beating a professional and winning as an amateur in middle school at the age of 16, tried out for the US LPGA at the age of 20. He said, “The people around me were very negative. Even the environment was so different that I thought why bother going when I won’t be able to tolerate it for long. “I didn’t study English and I went because I wanted to go to a big stage,” he said.

Se-ri Pak, the youngest winner of the US Open, attracted attention by removing her socks and stepping into a pool of water barefoot to putt. He said, “At first I didn’t know the ball was missing and I thought it must be near the water. But when I got there, I found myself in a pool. But the ball was floating on the grass. “I took the challenge because I thought I had a chance and it wasn’t over yet,” he said.

He continued, “One of my goals coming into the US was that I wanted to win that tournament at least once before the deadline. But I achieved it in my debut. That was my start after winning that competition. I can do it, I’m not afraid of challenges. “I’ve been a player for a long time, but that was the first and last time I felt the best in my hands,” he said.

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However, Se-ri Pak, who suffered a fall after entering the Hall of Fame, said, “It was a difficult year and a half. After being invited to a domestic competition, I immediately came to the US competition and that’s when it all started. I thought maybe it was because I was tired from the jet lag, so I passed on, but it was even worse in the next competition. The Yips are coming, but from the moment you step on the pitch, you can’t see a thing. All I could think was what should I do? I was so scared that I was different from yesterday. “Every day was so painful,” she admitted.

He said, “I only ran looking forward, not to the side. It was hard, but I wasn’t the only one having a hard time, so I hypnotized myself and whipped myself to do better. I never said “good job” or “good job.” It felt like burnout. From then on, I solved things one by one. I was thinking differently every day, saying, “Let’s go back to where we started.” I thought today was a little better, but at some point we went to overtime again and won again and came back. That competition meant a lot. I was so happy. “Because I can come back,” he said./

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