Yeah, tell me why women can’t have a lot of husbands. – Jack, hurry up and say hi. It’s clear to answer like this.. Wait!

Ja RSiam posted a funny post after seeing the news that a man has 8 wives, why can’t women have many husbands, causing a boyfriend, Jack Thanapol, to hurry up to greet him before he finds an answer like Peak?

Ja R Siam

Image from Instagram jaja_nongpanee

It’s news that creates a lot of buzz in the case of Ong Dam Sorot, a famous tattoo teacher. who has 8 beautiful wives until it has become an issue that has been discussed and criticized on social media a lot Some wondered if it was true or not.

Read the news: Ong Dam Sorot reveals how to divide time for 8 wives pregnant at the same time, 2 people live with no salary.

Most recently (January 16, 2022) a young singer. Ja R Siam Then came out to post a short, funny status about this, stating “A man can still have 8 wives, why can’t our women have many husbands? Start …..”

But this event seems to have people who are not laughing. When his boyfriend, Jack Thanaphon, saw such status, he hurriedly called to find a young woman, before LINE asked him what he had typed on Facebook. Make it even worse how to tell Tell me if Facebook has been hacked? before deciding to answer “Oh my gosh, what are you going to think about? My mother made my father the number one.”

Ja R Siam

Image from Instagram jack_tha

Getting an answer like this made Jack Thanaphon respond quickly, saying, “Oh, okay, relieved”, causing the fans to laugh at the rhythm of Bo Ba, this pair (ha)

Ja R Siam

Image from Instagram jack_tha



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