Year-end settlement of ’13th month’s salary’ starts today… Also available on mobile

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Year-end settlement, called ’13th month’s salary’, starts today (15th) in earnest.

The National Tax Service announced that the Hometax year-end tax settlement simplification service, which allows you to inquire the proof data required for year-end tax settlement income and tax credit, will be launched from today. The service is available daily from 6am to midnight.

This year, you can search for data through simple authentication (private certificate) such as Kakao Talk and Naver in ‘Sontax’, a mobile home-tex. Existing joint certificates (formerly public certificates/financial certificates), administrative electronic signatures (GPKI), and educational institution electronic signatures (EPKI) can be used on both PC and mobile.

The data that can be inquired in the simplified service are △Payment amount of National Pension Insurance △Amount of repayment of house rental loan △Amount of use of credit card/debit card/cash receipt △Amount paid to retirement pension account △Amount paid for protection-type insurance premium △Medical expenses paid to medical institutions △The amount paid for elementary, middle, high school and university education expenses.

Electronic payment receipts and medical expenses for long-term care institutions that have closed are also reflected in the simplified system, so there is no need to provide separate documents. If medical expense data cannot be viewed, you can report it from today to the 17th at Hometax or Sontax’s ‘Unreported Medical Expense Report Center’.

However, △visual correction glasses/contact lenses △purchasing hearing aids/disabled protection equipment/medical equipment △payment amount for credit recognition (self-education degree) education expenses △payment amount for preschool children’s academy/sports facility education expenses △special education expenses for the disabled △ Materials that are not searched in the simplified service, such as donation amount data other than the amount issued by electronic donations, must be separately obtained from the receipt issuing organization and submitted.

From this year’s year-end tax settlement, a ‘batch provision service’ has been created in which the National Tax Service directly provides the simplified data to the company through individual consent.

Workers who have applied for the use of the lump-sum service to the company must confirm and agree to the application at Hometax by the 19th. The National Tax Service will provide the company with simplified data for workers who have agreed to it from the 21st.

If you delegate the year-end tax settlement to a tax agent, you can provide the agent with simplified data.

Meanwhile, the year-end tax refund amount is increasing every year as total earned income increases. The amount of refund per person this year is expected to exceed 650,000 won on average.



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