Year-end tax settlement simplification service opened on the 15th…Sontax can also be easily authenticated

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The National Tax Service announced on the 15th that it will open the ‘Hometax Year-end Settlement Simplification Service’, which allows you to inquire various deduction documents from the 15th.

Users can search for simplified data from the 15th on Hometax, but if there are additional submitted or revised data by the receipt issuing agency, the final data reflecting this will be provided from the 20th.

This year, to reduce the inconvenience of users downloading simplified data one by one, the ‘Simplified Data Batch Provision Service’, in which the National Tax Service directly provides data to the company, will also be implemented for the first time.

A company wishing to use the service receives an application from a worker and registers the application list in Hometax by the 14th.

In this case, the National Tax Service will provide the company with simplified data for workers, including dependents, from the 21st.

Companies and workers who have not applied for the lump sum payment service can proceed with year-end tax settlement in the same way as in previous years, and the year-end settlement service for companies that do not have their own year-end settlement program will be opened on the 18th.

In addition, this year’s mobile hometax, ‘Sontax’, can also search data through simple authentication such as Kakao Talk, Payco, PASS, KB Mobile, Samsung Pass, Naver, and Shinhan Bank.



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