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Thiruvananthapuram: PSC appointments to police, excise and fire brigade are dragging on in the state. For the past one year, the work of preparing the new rank list has not come to fruition. Appointments to the posts of sub-inspector, civil police officer, civil excise officer, fireman, excise inspector and assistant jailer have been suspended for more than a year. Despite the expiration of the rank list, PSC has not been able to compile a new list.

Following the new examination reform, the qualifying examination was conducted for the same qualifying posts. The preliminary examination for the above post was also included in this examination. But the results of the preliminary examination have not been published yet. These include the Main Examination, followed by the Fitness Test and the Certificate Test. Only then will the new rank list be ready.

If so, job seekers do not expect the rankings to be even 2022. It has been a year since I was appointed to the police through PSC. The rank list for the post of Civil Excise Officer expired a year and a half ago. In addition, it has been almost two years since I was appointed to the post of Fireman Grade 2. Rank lists do not exist for the posts of Assistant Jailor and Excise Inspector.

The rank list for the post of Excise Inspector ended in 2020 itself. With the delay in recruitment to various forces but no steps have been taken by the PSC to prepare a rank list for it, the dreams of many job seekers are fading.

At the same time, the PSC said that the delay in conducting the exams was due to the expansion of the Kovid and the lockdown. When there is a delay, the old rank lists are usually extended. But that method does not occur now.

In the wake of the financial crisis, the government is not so keen on new appointments and the extension of the rankings cannot be expected. But the exams that are yet to take place need to be completed quickly though. But the delay is worrying job seekers.

PSC to go ahead with wartime exams

The Kovid crisis and the monsoon have significantly affected the conduct of PSC examinations. PSC is trying to conduct wartime examinations after the decline of Kovid. With the onset of monsoon, there has been a delay in conducting the exams. At the same time, classes were started in schools, which created a crisis in the availability of examination centers. To overcome this, examinations are conducted on Sundays.

It is hoped that the main examination for these forces will be held by next February. The result of the preliminary examination will be published within one to two weeks. It should be followed by an aptitude test. PSC expects to publish the rankings by the middle of next year.

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