Years ago, this doctor tied this mysterious lung disease to steam

Years ago, this doctor tied this mysterious lung disease to steam

Dr John E. Parker worked in West Virginia hospital in 2015 when 31 year old female patients with acute respiratory problems were admitted. Doctors' staff suspected that her mysterious lipoid pneumonia case could be related to steam and we were unsure of seeing anything like it before. They were very interested in presenting a case report – a type of medical paper on unusual or stimulating patient outcomes. Such reports can be a call to the medical community to watch, although they sometimes raise more questions than they answer.

This summer, nearly four years later, federal officials began investigating a national outbreak of major lung illnesses that were involved in steam which met more than 150 patients in 16 states. In an interview, Parker, a professor of critical pulmonary care and sleep medicine at the University of West Virginia, sent down on what happened.

Q: Can you describe the patient's symptoms when she arrived?

We would expect them to be classic from which called lung-related disease of steam. She was very rough and had a cough, and we were, of course, concerned that she could have pneumonia or other acute respiratory illness. And then she was so sick that she had to be turned.

Q: What happens next in cases like this?

We look for things like [hemorrhage] or active infection. And then for macrophages containing lipid. And then we usually start on some antibiotics [and a] low-dose steroid and then supports the patient with ventilator and oxygen and nutrition. And then just wait and see if any other cultures come back to create anything else than you might be thinking.

Soon, we felt it was an unusual case and maybe not a common viral or bacterial infection.

Q: How did you find out why her lipoid pneumonia or e-cigarettes were caused?

It is a diagnosis of exclusion. We issued other people [options], and the most likely reason was.

We were satisfied that the case was presented in that year at the annual College of Physicians of the American Chest College.

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